Over 100 Different Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

We finished up our 100 Days of Art Challenge last week and thought I'd share a quick re-cap post of all the different projects and crafts we made.

There are so many fun ways to learn more about art and we tried them all out.  Everything from traditional painting and drawing to wood burning, metal stamping, and even playing art games.

Occasionally we stretched the boundaries of "art" and incorporated things like photography, baking, engineering, and even video games!

We had such a great time working on all of these and I hope we inspire you.

Our Projects (clicking on pictures or description will take you to each post with instructions): 

1.  Painting With Hexbugs:

2.  Making Tissue Paper Flowers

3.  Star Wars Crafts

4. Drawing Compass Watercolor Circles

5.  Mother's Day Floral Pens

6. Watercolor Pencil Outlines

7.  Jellyfish Scratch Art

8.  Oil Pastel Flowers

9.  Fingerprint Dandelions

10. Beaded Sun Catchers

11. Bird Crafts & Snacks

13.  Water Gun Painting

14.  Watercolor Art Kits

15.  Dragonfly Silhouettes

17. Spray Paint Resist

18.  Water Bottle Windsock

19.  Stained Glass Made Easy Kits

20. Tin Can Windsock

21.  Firework Glue Art

22.  Qixel Crafts

23.  Makit Bakit Stained Glass Craft

24.  Wood Burned Cutting Board

27.  Paper Bowl Jellyfish

28.  Tin Foil Art

29.  Oil Pastel Bubbles

31.  Washi Tape Votive Holders 

33. Sun Art 

34.  Tissue Paper Transfer

35.  Stained Glass Dragonfly

36.  Visiting the Art Museum

39.  Painting Pikachu

40.  How to Draw Books

44. Trip to the fairy village

73. Solid Tempera Paint Stick Drawings

93.  String Art

100. Water Balloon Art

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