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Monthly Musings February 2024

 Oh I nearly didn't join in today for Monthly Musings with Patty and Holly... mostly because today's questions are all about winter and I am just not enjoying winter at all this year! I mean I never love winter but most of the time I can make myself get out there hiking, snowshoeing, taking photos of the pretty ice and snow but this winter has just felt so long and so miserable.  I'm sure part of it is me and my attitude but we've also had a weird winter with lots of really cold, wet, gloomy days but not a lot of snow or prettiness to it.  1. I tend to do more baking in winter and that brings me joy, I also read a lot of books, and get out hiking anytime the sun is shining and the weather seems even remotely nice.  2. I stay warm and cozy in winter wearing lots of cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks, curling up in front of the fire or the fireplace, and mostly staying indoors whenever I can. 3. I was looking forward to snowshoeing this winter but we haven't gotten enough

What's Up Wednesday: February 2024

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for What's Up Wednesday.  It's been a pretty quiet month around here.  What We're Eating:  I'm slowly trying to move towards a more whole food/plant based diet and move away from overly processed foods.. not giving up animal products entirely but making sure more than 3/4 of my meal comes from plants... like I said, slowly...  Veggie/balsamic flatbread sandwich What I'm Reminiscing About:  Those long winter days homeschooling and keeping the boys entertained indoors.  we brought in snow and used food coloring to "paint" it Playing with playdough and trucks and animals More snow! Shaving cream and water was a guaranteed way to keep them occupied for at least an hour What I'm Loving: My new haircut!  It's pretty easy to style in the morning and I can leave it curly or straighten it out in just a matter of minutes.  What We've Been Up To:  Lots of hiking and we finally celebrate