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Charleston Harbor Boat Cruise

We took a boat cruise around Charleston Harbor.  It was a hot day and the breeze off the water felt so nice and cool.  Our guide was so knowledgeable about the area and all of it's history that we learned so much! It was a great way to see and learn more about Charleston. Learning about the history of the churches of the area; see how the steeple is leaning?  This particular church survived a massive earthquake and has been leaning ever since.  Fort Sumter  Remnants of fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island; the fort used before they build Sumter  We happened upon this overturned boat Luckily it appeared that no one was on board and the coast guard was there helping The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable stayed bridge that connects Charleston to Mount Pleasant; it was completed both under budget and in less time than contracted.   Shrimp boats at port Castle Pickney Linking Up With:

Checking out the South Carolina Aquarium

My husband and I spent a wonderful morning at the South Carolina aquarium.  While not the largest aquarium I've ever been to we did love that the aquarium focused so much on all the natural wildlife found in and around South Carolina!   Diamondback terrapins The whole second floor was full of Lego displays and creations all centered around the exhibits found there!  With this rare albino alligator on display we just knew we had to buy one of the younger boys an albino alligator stuffed animal. I loved this lego replica of this famous Charleston fountain! You might also like this sneak peek into our trip with pictures of our hotel, pool, and the area. Linking up With:

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week I Was Gone for 4 Days

Our weekly wrap- up is quite short this week.  My husband and I got away for a nice 4 day weekend alone in Charleston South Carolina without the boys-- alone!  It was very relaxing and just what I needed.  The boys spent a fun filled 4 days with their grandparents and were just as happy having a vacation from mom and dad. Tuesday Ian made us some chocolate chip cupcakes from scratch.  We then cleaned up and went to run errands.  We went to the library, the bank, the grocery store, and the post office.  I also spent a lot of time doing laundry and getting caught up on all the household stuff that hadn't been taken care of while we were gone.  The boys were kind enough to cooperate and work on some school stuff each completing a few pages in their summer math books and doing some reading. At the last minute the boys and I decided to head out to a local sunflower farm on Wednesday.   They had spent the morning playing outside in the sun and we spent our afternoon ou

Visiting the Sunflower Farm

At the last minute yesterday we decided to take off for a mini field trip to the local sunflower farm.  For one week each summer this farm holds hay rides, sells sunflowers, makes sunflower ice cream (as well as tons of other homemade ice cream!), and has a very festive feel to it. There are literally fields and fields of sunflowers. We walked through the fields, stopped to see the cows and even found a few trampled stalks to inspect.  Evan thought it looked so neat inside!  I was even inspired to take a selfie and though I hate having my picture taken at all I am trying to get better about consciously taking pictures... Linking Up With: Morning Cup of Joe,