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My 2019 Goals and How I Did

I'm honestly stunned with how well I did on my goals this year as I'll fully admit I forgot about most of them until we were a good 3/4 of the way through the year!  I think maybe just writing them down meant they were somehow working in the back of my mind?? I truly don't know how I did it but I am pretty thrilled with how well I did and plan to set more short-term goals throughout the year this year.  Before we jump into the new year and my new goals though I thought I'd take one last look at how I did with last year's goals : Personal goals: 1.  Make more time for cardmaking, scrapbooking, and personal crafts making sure to do at least 2 projects a month --  YES!!  I so far surpassed this that's it's laughable.  I really found I enjoyed scrapbooking once again and managed to get almost a dozen pages done most months.  I started making ALL the cards for every occasion and even tackled lots of Cricut crafts that were completely new to me.

52 Brand New 2019

Oh we struggled to meet our 52 Brand New Experiences goal for the year and I've decided that this is the last year I'll be writing this sort of wrap up.  While we have enjoyed seeking out new experiences each year and will continue to do so whenever possible after six years of trying so many new things we're running out of ideas! 1.  Watched an Omni theater movie on our trip to the Boston Science Museum -- the younger two boys just could not get over the size of the screen.  It felt like we were IN the movie. 2.  The younger boys went to a laundromat for the first time ever with me when our washing machine broke in January.  It was quite a learning process for us all! 3.  We went to check out a new history museum-- The Worcester History museum. (You can read more about our trip here ) 4.  Ian learned how to use an air gun to spray a nice even coat of paint on his car models. 5.  Ian learned to weld !  6.  We visited the Yale Peabody Museu