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Share 4 Somethings In May

Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month and time for the Share 4 Somethings link up with Jennifer. Once again we'll be sharing some things we've  loved and/or disliked, accomplished, some things we've improved upon and/or that need improvement, and noticed Loved/Disliked: Taking my mom out to lunch for Mother's day, squeezing in a few hikes, seeing Alec all dressed up for prom, and date night with my husband just to name a few.  Accomplished:  Oh boy was this ever a great month for productivity! We got Alec's invitations mailed, pressure washed the house, cleaned out all the flower beds to get them ready for spring, I repainted the dock and our front stoop, put together Alec's graduation banner and started/finished his photo slideshow. We also rebuilt our whole firepit area after the last one fell over during the winter and pulled out all the patio furniture for spring and summer.  Something I've Improved Upon/or that Needs Improvement:  I am slowly worki

A Thankful Thursday in May

 I've been wanting to join in with Jennifer's Thankful Thursday link up for some time now but just never seem to get around to it. This week I made it a point to start a thankful post and add to it each day!  Just a few of the things I'm thankful for this past week: Last Thursday we made reservations to eat at the restaurant that Alec's high school class runs. He was our waiter and while the food was really good I mostly loved that so much family came together in the middle of the day on a random Thursday. We all knew this would be the last time we'd eat there before he graduates.  My mother in law, husband, Alec (waiter), Me, my step father, Evan (and my mom was taking the picture) I got the chicken, bacon ranch deep dish pizza (the only meal I ate all day!) My husband and mother in law got a stir fry My mom and step father got some lemon something chicken with pasta and kale salad. Friday was Alec's prom and I was so thankful that I got to see not just him

Another Wednesday Hodgepodge!

 Look at me joining in with Joyce's link up twice in one month! She shares the questions each Tuesday for Wednesday's post if you want to join in as well.  1. What are you currently juggling in your life? I have a million lists that I'm juggling right now; I have a list of who we sent invitation to and who we've heard back from for Alec's grad party, I also have a list of food I want to prepare and grocery lists for what to buy when as well as when to start making which foods all for the party. I have a list of things I want to get done around the house before the party and what decorations I want to put where. Meanwhile I'm also simultaneously planning our Acadia trip and I have a list of hikes to try, places to eat, and things to do that aren't hiking.  2. How often do you buy new clothes? What was the last piece of clothing you purchased? Well, with 5 people in the house it feels like I am always buying clothes. I just had to buy Alec some new pants last