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My Recent Birthday Favorites

 I had a fabulous birthday this year! My sister sent me the cutest book shaped vase so I flat out old my husband that I was going to need some flowers to put in it.  Ian and Evan got together and bought me a rocking outdoor chair that they gave to me a bit early so I could use it at the cottage during the 4th of July festivities. They also picked out a nice card and got me a small bag of Lindt dark chocolate truffles (my favorite!). The Monday before Alec had his wisdom teeth removed (July 8th), my mom and I headed out on our annual birthday shopping trip. It was HOT so I wore a nice cool tank and shorts.  We headed to the Buckland Hills mall and while I tried on lots and lots of clothes...  we shopped forever before I found a few things I liked enough to buy. This set was a no for me.. As were ALL of these! It was nearly 2 o'clock by the time I called it a day and we headed out for lunch. I had skipped breakfast and was starving (not good!) but a burger sounded great so we headed

Whites and Summer Brights with Ageless Style

It's the third Thursday of the month and time for another ageless style challenge.  This month Mireille picked Whites with Summer Brights (pairing a white dress or skirt with some bright colors for the summer).  I knew right away I wanted to pair my new white gauze skirt from Aerie with one of bright summer tops. It didn't hurt that this skirt is the only white skirt or dress I own but I really am loving this gauze material this summer and the skirt is so well made and in one of my favorite maxi length/tiered styles.  I tried a few shirts before settling on my Lily Pulitzer tank top. When I think summer brights I always think of Lily! Plus I found that with a wide skirt like this I liked the look of a top that hugged my hips instead of hanging down loose.  I accessorized with some fun coral/blue beaded bracelets and my sparkly white flip flops. The gold chain of the top meant I didn't need a necklace at all.  Amy ~ Amy’s Creative Pursuits Blog  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |

Weigh- In Wednesday July 2024

After rejoining Weight Watchers at the very end of April (on the 26th to be exact). I knew I wanted to reinstate my Weigh- In Wednesdays posts.  I thought I'd make it a link party if you'd like to join in. On the third Wednesday of every month I'll have a new post/party up for everyone to share workout tips, weight loss thoughts and ideas, and healthy recipes to fuel us on our journey to better health.  After weighing in at 165 for 2 months in a row it's so hard not to be discouraged to see the scale mostly hanging out at 167-166 with occasional dips. I did weigh in at 164.2 this past weekend so I'll take that less than 1 pound loss and be thankful for it. When I first joined WW in 2019 I easily lost a pound or two a week! But I guess my body has just adjusted to this healthier lifestyle and so it's much harder to make those changes now.  I'm guessing I need smaller portion sizes and to cut out sugar completely from my diet but I am the queen of making excus