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50 Things I am Grateful for in 2016

The assignment was to set a timer for 15 minutes and write a list of everything I am grateful for in my life or that happened in my life this year.

My husbandMy boysMy healthThat my grandmother (and last surviving grandparent) is still aliveFor my whole familyOur Myrtle Beach vacation and all that we did on itWatching Alec tackle the most difficult courses at the adventure parkGetting a "new" to me carHaving a wonderful Christmas with the familyGoing to the beach so muchHiking Mount Monadnock (even if I did complain the whole time!)For my houseSeeing the sunrises and sunsets that are so colorfulWatching the three bald eagles soaring over the lakeTaking family kayak tripsWatching Evan read a chapter bookFiguring out what was upsetting Evan's stomachThat Ian's wrist was NOT fractured this summer like we first thought.Homeschooling and learning beside my boysGoing on the science boat trip and learning about marine animalsOur trip to Beavertail state parkFor new friendsh…

52 Brand New in 2016

For the past two years I take time in late December/ early January to look back at our year and see what new things we've done.
My goal is to expose my kids to new experiences each and every week.
Of course some weeks we don't do anything new but other weeks we might do a few new things.  There are always new recipes we try out, new board games to play new parks to visit, and new movies to watch but when I talk about 52 brand new I really mean new classes we've tried out, new field trip or vacation spots, and new skills we've learned.
Not all skills, classes or trips apply to every one of my boys and I have to admit it was much harder coming up with 52 things this year!

1.  Trip to Beardsley Zoo-- we took the younger boys to Beardsley zoo; a new zoo!  We got to see so many new plants and animals.

2.  We planted a container garden-- We had gotten some vegetable seed packets and tried our hand at growing food.  Out of everything we planted we ended up with a few butte…