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January's Prime Purchases 2022

 I actually bought quite a bit on Amazon in January.  Two of my boys had head colds to start off the year and I couldn't find the medicine they needed locally so I ordered it with 2 day shipping.  We also stocked up on pantry items, bought a few things to get Ian's car model painting section all set up, and had a small mouse problem where I was buying mouse traps & bait too.  If anyone wants more specifics on those items I can provide them but for today's post I concentrated on some of the more fun purchases we made.  1. This hair straightener is fantastic!  Just a few minutes and I have straight manageable hair with no flyaways.  2. We bought some of the N2O chargers for Alec's new whipped cream maker- - he had a lot of fun making fresh strawberry whipped cream at his birthday party. 3 &4. I bought myself a fun new Valentine's day sweater and a few pairs of fleece lined leggings.  sweater leggings 5. Ian needed a graphing calculator for his math cla

Photos of the Week: January 29th 2022

 I had a lot of fun with this week's photo prompts!   – On Your Plate  – I made a frittata and some turkey sausage for breakfast/brunch one morning.  – Hanging-- The American flag hanging from the pole – Starts with A-- The accumulation of ice built up around the waterfall was stunning. – Pile-- A pile of fresh snow on a clump of berries – Choose Anything  – (Monthly – same vantage point) Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: The Last Week of January

We had a great last week of month.  Though the weather has been pretty darn cold we have been making the best of it and sneaking outside when we can.  I've used the extra time inside cooking, cleaning, and organizing.  Ian started his first week of college (full time!) and it's been fun helping him navigate all this school work; he is so focused and banging out assignments left and right.   It was too cold to hike on Friday so we invited one of the families we hike with to come over and hang out for the morning.  They brought a delicious coffee cake, still warm from the oven, to share and we all had a great time catching up with one another. I had forgotten all about the press on nail kits I had mixed in with my Color Street wraps and used a set of them for doing my nails this week.  I love having long nails again (all my own nails have been breaking like crazy).  Later in the week my mom dropped off another 10 or so Color Street sets she had lying around that she never even o