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Styling Shorts with Ageless Style

It's the third Thursday of the month and time for another ageless style challenge.  This month Leslie picked shorts and alternatives to shorts.   I tend to wear shorts a lot; I often pair them with flowy blouses and tops for a nice cool outfit to beat the summer heat.  This first photo is from the only time I've worn shorts this year..  But here are some older photos from my archives: If I'm not wearing shorts I am usually wearing gauzy jumpsuits Or linen pants with a cute halter top And on rare occasions I may even wear a dress.  Basically I just love summer clothes! Amy ~ Amy’s Creative Pursuits Blog  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  Facebook  | Bo ~ Bo's Bodacious Blog Blog  /  Instagram  / Pinterest  /  Bloglovin' Joanne ~ My Slice of Life Blog Jodie ~ Jodie’s Touch of Style Blog  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  | Marsha~ Marsha in the Middle Blog / Instagram Mireille ~ Chez Mireille Fashion Travel Mom Blog  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  Facebook  | Rosemary

Weigh in Wednesdays- June 2024

After rejoining Weight Watchers at the very end of April (on the 26th to be exact). I knew I wanted to reinstate my Weigh- In Wednesdays posts.  I thought I'd make it a link party if you'd like to join in. On the third Wednesday of every month I'll have a new post/party up.  I was so nervous for the end of May/beginning of June to arrive because I knew we were going to be so busy with prom, all those senior events, graduation, a graduation party and a trip away that my eating was probably not going to be the best.  I was determined to at least maintain my weight even if I couldn't shed any pounds.  Mat 25th made 30 straight days of tracking and 3 lbs. lost weighing in at exactly 165-- and I am relieved to report that as of this Sunday (Father's day!) the 16th I weighed in at exactly 165. Phew! Despite my many many many treats I managed to maintain my weight.  I think it helped that anytime we were not on vacation or at a party I made sure to keep my meals nice and h

Alec's High School Graduation

 All the students had to be at graduation an hour early, and in fact Alec's class of culinary students had to be at the school an hour and a half early since the Chef's culinary awards had not come in on time for him to hand them out earlier in the day as he had planned.  Alec had just enough time to come home from school, decompress and tell me all about his day, where to sit, what to expect, etc. then he dressed and headed out.  We got to the school at 4 and were able to sit right where Alec explained to me.  Promptly at 5 the students proceeded in and luckily Alec is so tall he was easy to spot! They started with the pledge and then this girl sang the national anthem acapella and did an amazing job! They had a few short speeches by the principal, the class president, the salutatorian and (pictured below) their valedictorian.  Diploma recipients are called up by shop and names are read off in alphabetical order much like at a college graduation so I knew when to expect Alec a