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Friday Favorites: Girls Trip to Nashville Days 1 & 2

By far my favorite part of the week was my girl's trip to the Nashville/Franklin area of Tennessee!  Last Friday I landed in Nashville, Tennessee around 3 pm after an easy morning commute and flight (made so easy because I had no car and my mom drove me to the airport dropping me off curbside). I was meeting up with some blogging friends in real life:  Marilyn from Memphis Bridges,   Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness,  and Tanya from The Other Side of the Road.   By the time I had even picked up my bags I had gotten a text from Marilyn and Jennifer that they were parking the car.  We met up in baggage claim and they had made the cutest welcome sigh for both me and Tanya.  We had a few minutes before meeting up with Tanya and then headed to our rental house in Franklin.  It was adorable and in a lovely little quiet area.  Tanya brought a cute little gift bag of goodies for each of us; seriously these ladies are just the sweetest and I am so, so glad I decided to fly off

Styling Stripes for Spring with Ageless Style

It's the third Thursday of the month and time for another ageless style challenge.  This month it was my turn to pick a theme and I went with styling stripes for spring .  From what I've been reading stripes are supposed to be very in this spring. Not all that surprising I don't have a lot of clothes with stripes. I tend to gravitate towards plain colors or floral prints when it comes to clothes.  Then I remembered this striped short sleeve sweater I bought a few years ago.  It's white and black with thin bright pink stripes at the hem of both the shirt and the sleeves and it's really comfortable.  It's perfect for those days when it's not super hot but it's finally not freezing cold either.  I paired it with some black pants and some black sandals.  After looking at all these photos I remembered why I don't own much with stripes.. I just don't think they are a flattering look on me.   And then I see that same sweater in this selfie and think it