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Encouraging Hearts and Home: Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm taking a blogging break this week so I won't be commenting or anything today especially today as it's Thanksgiving here in the states and I'm busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  I did set this post to auto- publish though so I hope you'll join in and I promise to stop by soon.  Tomorrow we're planning on putting up all our Christmas decorations and, for that reason, most of my features from last week's party are all about decking the halls.   And Now, for This Week's Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop!   Join your Encouraging Hearts & Home Co-Hosts each week for encouragement and support for your heart & your home . We hope to provide a space that builds each other up and lends a helping hand along the way. With all the negativity in the world, let's shine a positive light! The post with the most views from last week: Some of my favorites from last week: Advent Calendar for Couples by The H

Friday Favorites: Switching into Honors

 We had a pretty good week this week with just a few stressful moments here and there trying to get Alec all switched over to his new honors classes on a week when we're all virtual.  So far these classes seem like a great fit for him!  We're still working hard to knock things off our Christmas to do list and preparing for Thanksgiving week too.   Alec went in for one more day in his culinary shop on Friday.   I tackled schoolwork with the other two boys and then we spent a quiet rainy day inside. Alec came home with some delicious gingerbread muffins! My mom offered to pick Alec up from school since the other two boys had their yearly physicals.  They both had great check ups and the doctor even managed to give Evan a hearing test (something we've been waiting on since lockdown started in March!).  They think the ringing in his ears that he's been complaining about for exactly a year now might just be a fluid build up and suggested we try some allergy meds to dry thin

Encouraging Hearts and Home: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving & Monthly Musings

With Thanksgiving here in the States just one short week away I have started prepping here and there.  I made up my menu, wrote up my grocery list, set the turkey to thaw in the fridge, and even picked out what serving ware I'm going to use.  All of my features from last week's party center around Thanksgiving.  Since the last Thursday of the month falls on a holiday November's monthly musing will link up today too.  This time we're focusing on the Christmas/winter holidays.  1. Favorite holiday tradition?  Crafting and baking-- particularly when we can combine the two! 2. Must have holiday wardrobe staples?  Typically my holiday wardrobe consists of either jeans or leggings with a sweater; usually in red or white. 3. Favorite holiday recipe/dish? This is a tough one! I'd guess I'd have to say homemade cinnamon buns; we've made them a few times for Christmas morning and just love them.  I lost the recipe for a year or two but I'm pretty sure I just found

What's Up Wednesday: November 2020 Edition

I know it's not the last Wednesday of the month but with the holiday here in the states next week I'll be taking a mini blogging break so I wanted to get my What's Up post published.   What We're Eating This Week:  Sunday: Spiral ham dinner with squash casserole and steamed broccoli Monday: Shaved steak wraps with salad and butternut squash fries (frozen French fries for the boys) Tuesday: Cheesy herb crusted pork chops with Rice a Roni, green beans, and corn Wednesday : Tacos/ taco salad Thursday: Chicken Noodle Soup with fresh bread (using this recipe for fastest no-knead bread) Friday:   Easy French bread pizzas and salad Saturday: Pecan crusted chicken with roasted potatoes and acorn squash. What I'm Reminiscing About: I was culling through all my old digital photos pulling together some Shutterfly calendars for Christmas and just fell down a rabbit hole.   What I'm Loving: It sounds rather funny but I am loving these new Parisian theme