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Autumn Photo Challenge: 25 Days of Gratitude

Today I am joining Deb at   Deb’s World ,  Jennifer at   Trading Ashes for Beauty ,   and Leslie from Once Upon a Time for a  25 Days of Gratitude photo challenge.  25 DAYS OF GRATITUDE PROMPTS Thankful for: 1. Comfort food-- "made with love" 2. Fresh produce-- "Misfits Mischief"  3. Home: you by your front door-- "At home" 4. A favorite place to walk-- "At the dam" 5. Nature-- "Reflections and light" 6. Something in autumnal colors- "Hearth and home" 7. Warm clothes-- "lovingly made" 8. Weather-- "Snowy branches" 9. Favorite smell-- "Oven fresh" 10. Keepsake or memento-- "Our ornament tradition" 11. Pet-- "Pet store parakeet" 12. Best friend-- "27 years together" 13. Routine or habit-- "Making the bed" 14. Coziness-- "fireside reading" 15. Surprise-- "That's Ice!" 16. Morning-- "morning mist" 17. Evening-- "Family

This Year I'm Thankful For...

 I know so many people who have been struggling this year to stay positive and who can blame them with everything this year has thrown at us?  While I can't say I am always a happy and upbeat person, I really do try and know that so much of how I feel depends on my state of mind.  In fact I feel like me and my family have handled this year so well and that's mostly because of our attitude.   So this year I thought it would be fun to list just one thing I am thankful for each day in November (until publication of this post anyway). I have found that while it can be much easier some days to find something to be thankful for some day, that I can always find something to be thankful for if I really look for it.   1.  We took the boys shopping for winter boots and I am so thankful that we could go in stores and try them on.  2. I am so thankful that my doctor thinks I am healing really well from my surgery in September (even if I'm not always sure I agree with him)! 3. Getting t