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The Springfield Art Museums

On the day we visited the Dr. Seuss Museum, we decided to visit all five of the Springfield museums.  This included two art museums which Alec and I just loved! Thankfully each of the museums was pretty small so the other two boys were OK with touring them too. The Michele and Donald D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts housed some of my favorite artists' works of the impressionist movement!  We also checked out the White House display they had going of the Kennedy's in the white house and Evan got to sit at the Resolute Desk; which we read all about and remembered hearing about in the National Treasure movies. Evan got to pretend he was the president of the United States! The second art museum; the George Walter Vincent Smith Art museum had Greek God inspired sculptures and lots of samurai gear that the younger two boys just loved.  I loved the architecture and the stained glass windows as well as all the pottery art. 

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Went on Our First Bike Ride of the Year

We had a fun week with lots of great spring- ish weather and lots of time spent outside.  We went on a hike, two bike rides, and just plain old played outside.  We had lots of fun family time too with dinner out and a movie night.  The boys are just about finished up with all their schoolwork for the year so we have lots of free time each day.  We're planning field trips, art projects, science experiments and games to fill all our free time. The boys did a bit of schoolwork on Friday and cleaned a room in the house each.  Alec un-molded his Koi pond and began adding rocks and a waterfalls around it. I honestly can not remember what anyone else did for the rest of the day.  After dinner we did all sit together and watch Jumanji; it was hilarious and I loved the mini references to the first movie.  My husband and I ended the night trying to book a place to stay for our family vacation; too bad we can never agree on what would make the perfect family vacation.  Luckily, we did get som

W is for Warriors

The Warriors series of books has been much loved by middle son. He has read each of the books in each of the series in order.. as best as we could figure out the proper order to read them in. Many of the books he re-read in graphic novel/Manga form and for quite some time he enjoyed playing the on- line Warriors game too. Hearing him talking of these books and these sets reminded me a bit of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books or the Wings of Fire series where the animals talk, are divided into clans or types, and have prophecies that they are either trying to fulfill or make sense out of.  The books are packed with adventure and battles between good/ evil and darkness/light.  The first 6 books are the original series The New Prophecy set are a set of 6 books that bring the reader through the next generation of cats and the prophecies that pertain to them.  In The Power of Three set three of the thunderclan kittens become apprentices but dark prophecies surro