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Oreo Hazelnut Muddy Buddies Mix

I had bought a few boxes of Chex with the intention of making Muddy Buddies again but didn't realize I was missing most of the ingredients I needed.  I started looking around the pantry and decided to make an Oreo Hazelnut version instead.  
These taste so good and I kept thinking that with a sprinkling of crushed Oreo cookies in place of the powdered sugar they would make a really great Halloween snack too!  

Ingredients: 10 cups Chex (I used 5 cups rice and 5 cups corn) 1 cup Wilton candy melts-- we happened to have black ones on hand so that's what I used 1/2 cup Oreo/Hazelnut spread 1/4 cup butter 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 cup - 1 cup powdered sugar
In a large bowl I measured out equal amount of rice Chex and corn Chex then set the bowl aside. 
I measured out the candy melts and Oreo/hazelnut spread then combined them in a small bowl with butter microwaveing it in 30 second increments until it was fully melted. 

Once fully melted, I added the vanilla extract and then poured it over …

Friday Favorites: The Week We Made 3 or 4 Desserts

We had such a delicious week of food that I'm almost starting to feel like I don't even want to see any desserts for a long time.. but we're having a party for Evan this weekend and he requested cheesecake which I'm pretty sure I will not be able to pass up!  
Friday was our 3rd full day without power and we didn't have much planned.  First thing I checked the outage map... sadly there isn't much notable difference from Tuesday.  They're working on it but there are just thousands upon thousands without power.  
It's hard to go anywhere with so many roads closed. We often have to turn around and find a new route.  That said I really had to get to the library and drop off/pick up books (I went a little crazy picking up new ones) and while I knew we were supposed to get some rain I really wanted to squeeze in a hike.  We had a small break in our heat wave for this one day and I knew I wanted to take advantage; plus the sounds of the numerous generators runnin…

Encouraging Hearts and Home: The Heat Goes On

Our heat wave is continuing and while we have had a cooler day here or there our temps are pretty consistently staying in the 90's with plenty of sunshine.  Thank goodness for things like lakes, pools, and air conditioning!  When the weather is like this I have little desire to do anything but relax, read, and enjoy. And Now, for This Week's Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop! Join your Encouraging Hearts & Home Co-Hosts each week for encouragement and support for your heart & your home. We hope to provide a space that builds each other up and lends a helping hand along the way. With all the negativity in the world, let's shine a positive light!

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Let's Look at.. Your Desk

This month's Let's Look At.. is all about our desks.  

I actually have 2 desks.  The one in our bedroom is where I tackle most of my crafting projects and where I keep my laptop handy for blogging.  

I store pre-made pages in the holders and current scrapbooks I'm working on right next to them. 

All my stamp pads and ink are kept together and all my papers are organized by color in each of the drawers. 

Even with my laptop and Cricut on my desk I still have a pretty decent sized space left for my projects. 

My most used supplies are kept right at my fingertips.

I sort by rainbow-- white, printed white, pink. printed pink, red, printed red, etc all the way through black. 

The second desk is in our media room and I use it to hold all our homeschooling books and office supplies. 

I can always tell how much older my boys are getting by the types and amounts of books we stock up on for the coming year.

We leave a space on the desktop for the younger boys to store their laptop here and f…