Friday Favorites: Shop Selection Week

We had a fabulous week filled with delicious foods and beautiful weather.  

After driving Alec to school on Friday I came home and read another chapter in our Harry Potter book aloud to Ian and Evan just before Ian left for 2 hours of driving time with his driving instructor.  They must have had great faith in Ian's driving ability as they even had him drive through Kelley Square in Worcester.. an intersection I try to avoid at all costs.  A good 6 or so roads converge there and it's always unclear as to who has the right of way.  
Though he did tell me it was recently redone and looks more like this now:

While Ian was gone, Evan and I got all of Evan's schoolwork done-- spelling, cursive, reading/history, & math.  It was a rainy, dreary day so I told him he could play video games when he was done. When Ian got home we tackled a bit of his schoolwork as well-- German, math, reading, and science.  We set up a science experiment using potatoes.  Cutting a potato in half an…

Encouraging Hearts and Home: Quick and Simple Fall Ideas

I don't know about you but I just love crafts or recipes that are quick and simple.  Sure there are many crafts and recipes that are worth big chunks of my time but give me a quick and simple idea and I'm a happy gal.  This week's features were all inspired by some quick and simple fall ideas from last week's party. 
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Made With Love: A Hand-knit Sweater

My mother asked me to pick out a sweater I liked on-line that she could make for me.  I went to Pinterest and found one that even had a free pattern.  We both loved the color and the style and she set to work.... 3 years later and with much frustration it is finally finished.  

So many times I wanted to tell her to just quit.  She began and pulled apart and remade so many pieces... the first time the sweater just didn't fit and we thought it was going to be much too small (and boy would it have ever if I hadn't lost that 50 lbs!).  It is a bit big on me but that leaves room for a nice turtleneck when the cold weather comes.
There were problems with reading the instructions and understanding the collar. I think it took her a good 5 tries and even then we pretty much made it work on our own only using the pattern as a guideline. We changed up the floral pattern on the back a bit and added some extra details to make it unique-- check out these buttons! 

But in the end I have a bran…