2- Ingredient Dough and 5 Uses for It

If you have even thought of starting Weight Watchers at all in the past year you've probably heard of the 2- ingredient bagels.  I love them but actually use the dough for so much more than just bagels. 

I thought I'd share this super simple recipe today and show you some of the ways we've used this dough... so far!

2 ingredients needed (makes 4 servings):

1 cup fat free Greek yogurt
1 cup Self- rising flour.

1.  Homemade pizzas: When making homemade pizzas we like to make 6 individual pizzas so we can all add our own toppings. I use 1 1/2 cups each of the yogurt and flour then divide the dough into 6 equal portions.  With 1/2 cup fat free mozzarella cheese and a 1/4 cup pizza sauce that makes our pizzas around 7 points for an entire individual pizza compared to 8 or 9 points a slice of restaurant pizza that is huge!

2.  Bagels (of course):  normal bagels run around 9 points each but these bagels are just 3!  When mixing up bagels I tend to use 3 cups of each and make up a…

Weight Watcher's Garlic Breadsticks-- 2 Pts. Each!

I have been wanting to try making my own garlic breadsticks using the Weight Watchers 2 ingredient dough for some time now.  We were having spaghetti one night while I was also making up some 2-ingredient bagels and figured I had the perfect chance to try out a small batch.

We loved them!  They weren't exactly like the ones you get at Olive Garden but it hit the spot and with only 2 points each they are a better alternative than store bought garlic bread.

Ingredients (to make 4):

1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt
1/2 cup self- rising flour (with a bit extra for rolling)
1 Tablespoon Brummel and Brown
1 tsp. minced garlic
garlic salt

In my stand mixer I combined the Greek yogurt and flour using the dough hook.  Once I had a nice dough made I divided it into 4 sections and rolled them with well greased hands on a lightly floured surface until I had a nice breadstick shape.  Then laid them on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

After melting the Brummel and Brown spread I mixed in the mince…

Books I Read in September

I was pretty disappointed that I only managed to read 7 books this month since my library basket is overflowing!  But we had a super busy month with all three boys starting back to school/homeschool and juggling work schedules (with Ian), karate class (with Alec), driver's ed (with Ian) so I do think 7 was about all I really had time for.  Luckily all 7 were really great reads! 

1.The Friendship List by Susan Mallery-- When Ellen overhears her son telling one of his friends that he can not go away to college and leave his mom all alone, Ellen and her friend Unity devise a list of things that they will each tackle over the summer.  Unity has been stuck in a rut since her husband died 3 years earlier but thinks her life is perfectly fine; Ellen has been so focused on being a working single that she has neglected to create a life for herself but is content and happy with what life she does have.  Both are only planning to tackles these lists to show others they are just fine and end…

Fall Book and Movie Ideas

This week for the Fall Favorites link up we're talking all about fall entertainment-- our favorite books, movies, TV shows, music, etc. that makes us think of fall.  I had such a tough time putting this list together but it was so fun!  I just love a good challenge!

Other than summer and Christmas, I don't often think of books as having a "season" but when I started digging and thinking I realized I wanted to divide this list into two--

MY favorite fall books:

The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice-- After the loss of her husband and daughter, Maura moves back to Rhode Island to take a job teaching at a private school hoping for a new start for herself, her daughter Beck, and her son Travis. 

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson-- Now I'm not sure when this story takes place but I think of hiking when I think of fall and this non-fiction novel about Bill's trip trying to hike the Appalachian trail is one of my all time favorite novels.

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen-- …