10 on the 10th (A Few Days Early): All About Patriotism

This months 10 on the 10th ( a couple days early!) is all about patriotism.  Pretty fitting here in the United States as we just celebrated our Independence day with the 4th of July.  This month's link up is a series of 10 questions about our country and patriotism.

1.  When is your Country's Birthday?-- The 4th of July!

2.  What are your country's patriotic colors?  Red, White, and Blue

3.  Do you wear those colors on Independence day or your nation's birthday?  Sometimes.  I try to but sometime the weather doesn't cooperate with what I had picked out that particular year.  This year I wore my blue romper with the white stars paired with some red sandals and nail polish.

4.  Do you fly a flag at your home?  Do you decorate for Independence day?  Nope and Nope.  I just don't think of it.

5.  How do you feel about wearing the flag?  I don't wear the flag but I am also not one of those people that takes offense at seeing others wearing it either.

6.  How do …

Sentence a Day in June

With a slow easing of restrictions here in CT, June found us having quite a bit more fun than the last few months.  We went in stores, out to eat, and even had a few get togethers with friends and family.

1.  Alec, Evan and I went hiking at Old Furness in the afternoon we loved seeing how different everything looks now that it's all green and lush.

2. We cleaned up our beach and went on a hike to the Dam in the afternoon checking out a completely new trail.

3. We hung out at home and the boys went swimming in the neighbor's pool.

4. We went on kayak ride in the morning before the heat of the day; it was just beautiful out!

5.  The younger boys and I went to get our haircut and brought home take out from Panera bread for lunch.

6.  My husband and I spent our morning working on his truck and stopped by the river to have Subway grinders for lunch.

7.  The boys helped clean up a bunch of trees at my mother in law's house while I spent my morning blogging.

8.  The younger boys…