Photos of the Week: April 17th

For the 15th week of the I Spy challenge  I had to dig deep!  I'm not sure if the prompts were tricky for me or if I just struggled because we spent so much time at home.  I rarely think to grab my camera when we're just sitting around the house on rainy days.  But whatever the case may be I did manage to come up with my 5 photos that I am relatively happy with.   -turquoise-- From light to dark; turquoise and blue tones are my favorites.  -pill(s)-- It's that time of year where I need to remember to my allergy pill every morning. -dots or stripes- - I loved how the water looked like stripes behind these turtles that were sunning themselves on our hike. -starts with A -- Cupcake Charlie's had such an assortment of cupcakes that it was hard to pick just one! -your choice One of my favorite places to visit each week; our library Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: Wrapping up the Past 2 Weeks

 I thought this would be a much more exciting Friday Favorites than it is... I had such high hopes for a fun April Vacation but Alec has been resting and icing his knee as much as possible so we mostly stayed home.  The weather was pretty lousy and cold and wet anyway so I took that opportunity to get things done around the house.  But first I'm rewinding up to where I left off on the Friday before Easter. Friday April 2nd Alec had a small party to go to with a couple of school friends.  Before dropping him off we did a bit of shopping.  He needed some sneakers for track and field and I encouraged him to try and find some flip flops for summer too. I stopped to buy some crafting supplies and made a wreath while he was gone.  After picking him up and arriving home we all decided we'd rather get take out so I ordered and Ian went to pick up pizzas (my husband worked until nearly 9 o'clock!). I got the boys to watch an episode of Modern Family with me and they seem to really