Friday Favorites: The Week We Celebrated Alec Turning 15

 We had another great week.  By Thursday morning I was feeling so good with all that we had accomplished.  I love that kind of week! Alec came home from school Friday with a whole stack of baked goods-- 2 donuts, a few pieces of puff pastry, a slice of carrot cake... I just had to sample each one!  While he had been at school Evan, Ian and I got a huge stack of schoolwork done and then cleaned the downstairs.  Ian headed off to work on his four wheeler for the afternoon; every now and then I'm just struck by how weird it feels to have a nearly adult son that can just drive where he wants and works with all sorts of tools by himself!  We ended our night with some unexpected take out.  The Black Dog is one of our favorite restaurants and we had a delicious meal in front of the TV watching The Goldbergs and the latest Last Man Standing.  Ian headed off to work on Saturday and the younger two boys went out with my mother in law for breakfast.  I worked on making a card for Alec's

Encouraging Hearts and Home: Very Veggie

 I am trying like crazy to get back into healthy eating habits!  I try to fill my plate mostly with fresh fruits and vegetables and am always looking for new ways to prepare them.  All three of my features from last week focus on lots of delicious meal ideas that won't derail my weight loss efforts.  And Now, It's Time for This Week's Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop!     Join your Encouraging Hearts & Home Co-Hosts each week for encouragement and support for your heart & your home . We hope to provide a space that builds each other up and lends a helping hand along the way. With all the negativity in the world, let's shine a positive light! The Posts with the most views from last week: 2020 Recap by That's Life for Ya  Some of my favorites from last week: Sweet Potato Topped with Ricotta, Celery, and Radish by Claire Justine   Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries by Eclectic Red Barn Simple Taco Ranch Salad by A Sprinkle of Joy Use the form below t