Whitefield, New Hampshire Trip Day 1 & 2: Hiking Mount Willard

My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a long memorial weekend trip away to Whitefield, New Hampshire. We planned to head out Friday morning as soon as I dropped Alec off at school but my husband was running a bit behind wrapping up some thing at work so I took off on the Ranger to help Ian take the jet ski out of the lake so he could work on it. The view was amazing! We headed out around 8:30 and planned to stop in the Conway area for a repair job that my husband needed to do for his work.  We arrived shortly after noon and while he worked I sat in the truck reading my book(s) and took a little nap.  He finished up his job and we made it to our hotel for check in sometime between 4 & 4:30.  We were encouraged to make both dinner and breakfast reservations and the Tavern was eager to accommodate us. The hotel was stunning and they gave us a free room upgrade! With views like these it's easy to see why it's called the Mountain View Grand.  After getting ready

Photos of the week: June 19

I am really enjoying the challenge of some of these prompts each week.  Often I try to plan ahead on what could work for each prompt but rarely is my plan what I actually take a photo of!   – advertising -- I feel like I am a walking advertisement for Color Street nail wraps; I just love them! – delicious -- I thought this asparagus/ strawberry salad was delicious .  – animal -- We finally have hummingbirds back at our feeders! – starts with V--  The petals on these new flowers I planted look like velvet.  – your choice -- A sky full of fluffy white clouds. Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: School's Out!

 We had a wonderful week with weather that was not too hot and not too cold-- the perfect way to kick off our summer vacation.  It seemed like everything was just right!  Alec finished up school on Tuesday and managed to get out early after his awards ceremony. We all slept in nice and late on Wednesday (well, not my husband since  he still had to go to work).  Ian started a new (second) job on Thursday and will be working 3 days a week at this job and 2 days a week at his current job!  The week just flew by. The weather was beautiful on Friday and we met up with our friends to hike around Bigelow pond.   I made this asparagus and strawberry salad to go with our steak one night and I just LOVED it! I was the only one that seemed to enjoy it.  I knew the boys wouldn't even try it since they won't eat asparagus and my husband told me he prefers his asparagus hot but seriously I could have eaten the whole bowl.  It was so simple to make too; just cut & blanche the asparagus,