Prime Purchases in February

 After spending January working on replacing curtains and pillows in our dining/ living room, February had me turning my sights on our kitchen.  I found some fabulous pieces for it on Amazon. I bought this rug for in front of our kitchen sink. We used to have swags in our kitchen window and when I bought these new curtains I had to buy some new rods to go with them; I found these in both sizes I needed.  We needed new kitchen towels; our old ones were stained and dirty looking.  I bought this curtain for over our sink.  Alec used some Christmas money to buy himself a new revolving cake stand.   We bought a couple new frying pans and cooking utensils too ( wooden ones & colored ones )  At the suggestion of Andrea from Momfessionals I ordered a box of these delicious cookies- -- OMG! They were a huge hit with the whole family.  I needed a nice warm winter hat and I LOVE this one with it's two layers of warmth.  Alec outgrew his uniform pants already.  I found these in a

Cupcake Decorating Fun

 When Alec and I saw that this cupcake decorating class called Furry Friends was going to be offered on a Monday where he had no school we decided to sign up together.  He tried to get a few friends to join him but this company had moved and was not almost an hour away so no one wanted to join in.  We decided not to let that stop us.  It was rainy and snowy on the day of the class and we weren't sure if it was going to be canceled or how the roads would be.  We left early and gave ourselves plenty of extra time to get there and to to find this new facility.  We were the first ones there!  They had tables set up so each group that signed up would be spaced far apart and all our supplies were divided up and ready to use. We already knew from the sign up sheet that we were going to be making 6 cupcakes each-- a panda bear, a koala, a llama, some bamboo, a dog, and a sloth.  As soon as everyone arrived the teacher went through the supplies on our table and then we started working.  Ale

Photos of the Week: February 27th

We had such beautiful weather this week and it was great to be out snapping photos.    – weather --  Our weather was nice and sunny this week and I just loved seeing the sun sparkling off the snow and throwing shadows all over the place.  – key-- A quick snap with my cell phone while out hiking.  I really liked this unexpected perspective of my keychains and keys. – house --  Welcome to our home.  – corner  Evan and I went hiking and found a few of these rock stacks marking the turns in the trail at every corner.   – Photographer’s Choice The sky was so pretty this week. Linking up with: