Highlights and Favorites from February 2024; One Sentence a Day

 We had a good February but all the same I am glad to see it ending! We did manage quite a few more winter walks and hikes this month. We enjoyed some fun milestones; finally celebrating Alec's 18th birthday, Evan getting his license, and attended Alec's Senior Culinary Arts Project presentation.  1. After Evan and I finished his schoolwork we spent a quiet day at home; I worked on making some more cards. 2. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, and then a lovely hike at Natchaug State Park after lunch with our friends.  3.  A quiet Saturday spent mostly at home (other than one trip to the grocery store in the afternoon); I did make a delicious soup and some fresh homemade rolls to go with it.  4. We were so excited to see the sun for the second day in a row... but still mostly just spent my day lying around the house working on the blog, reading a few books, and baking up some cookies.  5. After the gym with my mom and school with Evan, Evan and I went hiking and then I went to g