Cards and Scrapbook Pages from January & February

 I didn't make any scrapbook pages at all in January but I did get a good handful of cards made. I've been making sure to join in the Card Chain Challenge group each month, then I wanted to get my Valentine cards made, I had a  and a few birthday cards as well. In February I focused on learning a few new card making techniques.  The first card was made using sandpaper, embossing folders, and some designer series paper.  The second two cards were made using a double embossed sheet of vellum; the two cards have slightly different looks due to what color embossing I placed upright.  I finished up ALL my scrapbook through the end of November and ordered prints of our photos for Dec- mid February. I already have quite a few ideas for those cruise photos! Linking up with:

Share 4 Somethings in February 2024

With tomorrow being the last Saturday of the month it's time for the Share 4 Somethings link up with Jennifer.  In 2024 we'll be sharing some things we've loved and/or disliked, accomplished, some things we've improved upon and/or that need improvement, and noticed (either in our own lives or around town).   Loved/Disliked:  That we FINALLY got to celebrate Alec's 18th birthday; even if we were nearly a month late. Accomplished: Quite a bit! I got my annual mammogram done, I made appointments for the boys, worked on making some cards and scrapbook pages, and ordered all the prints from December, January, and February so I can get started on those pages soon too.  It feels so good to be momentarily all caught up! Improved upon/needs improvement:  I've been going back to the basics with our food; buying blocks of cheese to shred myself, making my own spice mixes, batch cooking on the weekends for quick grab and go meals during the week, etc.  Things I used to do

Alec's SCAP (Senior Culinary Arts Project) Assignment and Meal

We have been hearing all about Alec's SCAP assignment all year; it counts for something like 75% of their final grade but luckily it is broken down into 10 or so mini assignments throughout the year.  Yesterday he presented his meal and we were allowed to invite up to 7 family members/friends to taste it. He won't know his grade until everyone in the class has gone but I'm pretty sure he crushed it.  Our meal was delicious.  Here are the assignments the project was broken down into: 1. Pick a region and research culture, history of native ingredients, and cooking methods and write an essay about what they discovered.-- He picked GREECE! 2. Figure out what native ingredients they wanted to work with and design a menu; each menu had to have a native fruit in their dessert and a native protein for their entree.  They had to come up with a 4 course meal: bread, appetizer, main dish and dessert.  The main dish had to have a protein, vegetable, and a starch.  3. Actually design a