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Weigh- In Wednesday: 3 Weeks on Purple

I ended up skipping last week's weigh- in Wednesday post because I really wanted to post both my bucket list posts back to back ( how we did on our summer bucket list and our fall bucket list ).  Plus I was feeling pretty happy and pleased that my weight had gone down a bit more and I was seeing results despite my lack of exercise.  Well, we have been hiking but I like to pair our hiking with some Pilates, light weight lifting, and stability ball exercises too to get all the muscle groups going.  Unlike the first week or two on the purple plan where I really didn't take advantage of any of the new zero points foods available to me, this past week I have been making sure to add in lots of whole grain pasta, potatoes, and even some brown rice to make some really low point dinners. My favorite had to be the Weight Watchers Tuscan chicken pasta that ended up being just 2 points per serving!  It was such a huge hit with the family that they all got to the leftovers before I did! I

Recipes We've Been Making Lately

 It's been 2 months since I have shared a round up of the new and different recipes we've found around the web that looked too good to pass up.  I like to keep a record of what we've made and make note of any of the changes I might have made while trying out the recipe just to keep for my own personal reference.  We often find that some of the "new" recipes we try become tried and true family favorites in no time.   1.  This Weight Watcher's Tuscan Chicken Pasta is a new family favorite! The only problem I had was that I had to keep adding chicken broth to keep the pasta from sticking to the pan and cooking properly but that was minor.  2. We tried some grilled romaine to go with our steak and it was really quite tasty!  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. 3. New England style baked scallops  were so easy and delicious to make; though I didn't have vermouth and just omitted that from the recipe they still came out perfect.  4. Lemony apple coleslaw--

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Next Thursday wraps up the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by Patio Postcards.  While I don't post updates throughout the challenge, I do enjoy finding photos that fit each of the categories.  All photos were taken between 06.01.-09.30.2021 2021 SPSH LIST   A Breakfast of Champions Fruit, non-fat plain yogurt, and granola (with a few chocolate chops sprinkled on top!) Favorite Time of Day Reading on the deck while eating breakfast Something To Represent Home But Not The Building My family! Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns Storm clouds rolling in with bright bits of sun mixed in The Art Of The Fold My waffle cone was still warm when it was handed to me Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy The beauty of nature always makes me happy What’s In Bloom All the garden flowers Window Views View from my bedroom window Something Older Than You Bigelow pond and park The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries The Shape of Round/Circular Something That Is Cause For Cele