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My June Goals and How I Did With My May Goals

While there were days when time seemed to drag on and on I am still pretty amazed at how fast the whole month just flew right by.  I thought today would be a good day to look back at my May goals and see how I did while also planning my new June goals.  May Goals: Pull out patio/ decking furniture and get ready for spring & summer -- Check!   Get the gardens cleared out and ready for spring -- Check! Continue hiking whenever the weather allows and try to extend hikes to an hour and half each time .-- 1/2 a check?!  We did get out hiking a lot but still tended to stick to just about an hour each trip. Figure out the best way to celebrate Mother's day with social distancing- - Check!    Have a fun Disney themed day complete with homemade dole whips and Disney movies -- Nope; I forgot all about it. Plan a special meal/ gift for our anniversary-- Check! We decided to do away with gifts this year but I did plan a special meal complete with dess

Books I Read In May

I found some pretty good books to read this month; I am definitely thinking of summer and all our times spent outside so I downloaded a bunch of seaside/ beach read and just enjoyed them.  I tried to break up all that beachy-ness with a few other books thrown in here and there.  I felt somewhat limited to those books I already had on my Kindle or that I could download pretty cheaply.  Now that our library is opening up for curbside pickup I am really looking forward to next month's list! 1.   Nothing More Dangerous by Allen Eskens -- I picked this book up at the very end of April because I thought my reading challenge asked for a book set in the 70's... turns out I was supposed to read a book written in the 70's!  It is an OK book that I still have not fully finished...  and probably wont.  I keep thinking I probably would have really loved it if I was a boy or if I was in high school (guess what I'm suggesting to my boys next?!).  Boady is growing up in a rural

Friday Favorites: The First Kayak Ride of the Year

We're getting out and about so much more now that our state is slowly opening up.  I guess I missed shopping in stores as I went to Target 3 times in 3 days! With memorial day weekend behind us and summer like temperatures this week we have turned our thoughts to summer fun and are spending more time outside.  Friday  we cleaned out our kayaks for our first trip of the year!  My mom came over and we spent close to an hour kayaking around.  It was pretty windy and not that easy to paddle but we made it to the cove we planned to visit and enjoyed sightseeing along the way. After our ride we went for a walk and stopped in to visit my mother- in- law.  I helped Ian get the jet ski in the water so I guess summer is officially here.  Now we just need to get our dock in.  We grilled up burgers and hot dogs and had them with pasta salad and salad. Ian and my husband headed off Saturday morning to go and pick up a new jet ski (well, used but new to us).  I ran to Michae