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What's Up Wednesday in May

I'm not so sure that May's What's Up Wednesday post is going to be all that exciting since we've spent yet another month sheltering at home.  However, I do want to participate and have a record of what our months were like during this crazy, crazy time we're living in right now.
What We're Eating This Week:

Grilled chicken wraps with french fries and salad

Homemade Weight Watchers pizzas with salad

Steak, baked potatoes, broccoli

Shrimp stir fry over rice

Homemade macaroni and cheese (I'll use this recipe and omit the broccoli and ham) with salad

Chicken sausage & vegetable Alfredo over pasta

What I'm Reminiscing About: Though our school year has been over for a few months already this year I am thinking about schooling through spring in years past and how much fun we always had learning with all of our homeschooling friends... Even us veteran homeschoolers are not used to learning at home, alone, day in and day out.

Like the day we went on an ocean …

The National Parks I Want to Visit Most

I read a book last summer called Dear Bob and Sue that this couple wrote based on their experiences visiting all the national parks.   I had never really thought about making it a goal to visit them all and while I still think there are a few I would skip, the book did get me pretty excited about visiting the different National parks.

We visited the Badlands while on our vacation to South Dakota last year and I began to think of which  parks I REALLY want to visit.  Wind Cave had been on our list but was shut down while we were there since the elevators were broken.  Maybe we'll make it back there one day.

Other parks I'd like to visit include:

1.  The Everglades (Florida)

2.  Yellowstone (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho)

3.  Bryce Canyon (Utah)

4.  Acadia (Maine)

5. Zion (Utah)

6.  Virgin Islands

7.  Yosemite (California)

8.  Sequoia (California)

9.  Haleakala (Hawaii)

10.  Arches (Utah)

11.  Great Smoky Mountains (North Carolina & Tennessee)

12.  Grand Canyon (Arizona)

13.  Bis…