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What's Up Wednesday: June 2021

It's the last Wednesday of June already which means it's time for What's Up Wednesday with Sheaffer & Shay.  I am really hoping these next few months slow down as I am trying to soak up all the summer sun and calm that I can.  Can you believe the year is already 1/2 over?! What We're Eating This Week:  I just shared my monthly menu yesterday.   This week I'm cooking up some homemade clam chowder, shrimp carbonara, burgers on the grill, and all our summer favorites.    What I'm Reminiscing About: We used to homeschool year round and summer was the time I'd break out all sorts of messy craft projects like tie dying , water balloon art,   water gun art , fired alcohol ink art, etc.  Now I can't get any of them to do any sort of arts and crafts projects! What I'm Loving: These new frozen bars; lately our store hasn't had any of our favorite Yasso or Enlightened Cold Brew bars so we tried these and they are delicious!  What We've Been

Monthly Meal Plan #6

 We had such a great month food wise!  After eating out so much last month we made a conscious effort to eat from home.  We had fun mixing in lots and lots of new recipes; many of which I just know are going to be added to our permanent rotation of meals.   1.   Pasta Primavera -- a new recipe that we (and by we I mean my husband and I) just LOVED! 2. New England baked fish with Cole slaw and baked potatoes. (I made chicken tenderloins for the younger boys). 3. Chicken, broccoli, & rice casserole 4. Pulled pork nachos with Cole slaw (another new recipe the boys loved!) 5. Balsamic baked chicken & cheese with pasta (yet another new recipe we tried) 6. We went to Wright's Chicken Farm with family & then had dessert at their house. 7. Honey butter Old Bay shrimp with rice and mixed veggies (with chicken tenderloins for the boys). 8. Grilled chicken with Weight Watcher's ramen noodle salad and salad. 9.  Grilled marinated pork chops with orzo tomatoes & zucchini an