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How I Did on My June Goals and My July Goals

While there were days when time seemed to drag on and on I am still pretty amazed at how fast the whole month just flew right by.  I thought today would be a good day to look back at my June goals and see how I did while also planning my new July goals. My June Goals: Try to get together with a few friends for hiking once we can increases group sizes to 10-- Check?!  While I did try and get some friends to hike with us our friends were not up for it just yet. Plan something fun for Father's day and work with the boys to get gifts ordered/made-- Check! I think my husband had an awesome father's day fishing in lower pond.  We spoiled him with gifts (new recliners for our bedroom) and made him some of his favorite foods. Track every day on Weight Watchers and try to stay within the blue dot range 6 days a week - 1/2 a check! I did manage this a few weeks but not as consistently as I'd like.  I am down 1-2 pounds since June started though so I'm OK

The Feels in June

I can not believe another month has passed us by!  The time is just flying by and while I know we had a good month I really struggled to fill in my list this time around. Today, I'm linking up with  X-tremely V   for The Feels and though the questions are the same each month the answers are always different since they're based only on our current month. Favorite Meal-- Terriyaki chicken, grilled cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob, and salad.   Favorite Movie/ TV Show/ Book-- Movie: 2012 (to be honest it's the only movie I can remember watching this month). Tv Show: Dexter; it's not my normal genre of show but I just can not stop watching it!  Book:   Inside Out by Demi Moore Favorite Activity: Kayaking!  The weather has just been perfect for leisurely kayak rides.  Favorite Moment: Surprising my husband with new chairs for Father's day. I don't normally manage to surprise him or come up with

Books I Read in June

I read so many great books this month!  While I tried to keep my boys a bit eclectic I definitely tend to stuck to lighter, summery reads when it's so nice and warm and sunny outside. 1.  Inside Out by Demi Moore --  I read this book in less than a day! I have watched many of Demi's movies, I knew that she had been married to Bruce Willis and had a few kids with him, and I knew she had been with Ashton but other than that I knew very little of her life.  I loved the easy tone and straightfoward manner with which she wrote her autobiography and I enjoyed learning more about her life both the good and the bad. I also learned quite a bit of hollywood tidbits that I didn't know before (mostly because I am awful with names and don't follow much of anything having to do with famous people). 2. The Restaruant Critic's Wife by Elizabeth LaBan -- Lila and her husband Sam have recently moved to Philadelphia where he was offered a job as a restaruant critic.  Det

4th of July Outfit Ideas

Living in New England our 4th of July can be very hot or quite cold.  There have been years when we mostly wear bathing suits and cover ups and don't leave the water for more than a few minutes and there have been years we've all huddled under blankets wearing jeans and sweatshirts. This summer is shaping up to be a warm one and I have a few outfit ideas for the 4th. This cute dress with my red flip flops (which Alec sort of cropped out of the photo when he was taking it). These white jeans with my read and blue shirt Though I am really leaning towards this adorable starred romper with my red sandals. It's so comfy and out of the three I think it is the one that will help me cooler. Linking up with: Spread the Kindness,

Friday Favorites: The Week We Celebrated Father's Day

We had another fabulous week! The weather has been so sunny and warm and with allergy season finally winding down we're spending lots and lots of time outside. The younger boys and I spent our morning on Friday cleaning house.  They went into the lake and used the rake to clean up any weeds and leaves near our dock.  They swam and played for a bit.  We unmolded our popscicles and enjoyed a refrshing treat.  In the afternoon we ran to Famous Footwear to pick up some new sandals for Evan (curbside) and took a quick trip into Target to pick up supplies for s'mores.  Once home we walked over to the cottage to visit with my mother in law and her friend that had just returned home to CT after a few years of living in Alaska. For dinner we had grilled chicken, egg noodles, corn on the cob, and salad.  Ian and my husband headed off to work on Saturday morning and the boys and I were waiting around for some company.  Alec was having his girlfriend ov