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June & July Papercrafts

 I only made one card in June so that hardly seemed worth it's own blog post.  This month I thought I'd combine June's card with those made in July and also a few of the scrapbooking pages I've been working on.  I finally ordered all the photos from January- June of this year and have been slowly making some pages.   June's card exchange I LOVED this teen boy card; it was such a fun technique to try too I've been playing with stencil/ink to make backgrounds and thought this turned out so cute A quick and simple pattern mixed card Not my favorite card but I am rather proud of myself for finally opening up my calligraphy set from Christmas and using it on the card even though I didn't think the words were as neat as they could be. I'm learning to embrace the imperfect.  I think my favorite scrapbook page is probably that last one with the adorable red panda and otter; they were so fun and easy to make with the Cricut too.  Linking up with: Spread the Kindn

Share 4 Somethings in July

 Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month and it's time to link up with Jennifer for her Share 4 Somethings.  We had a wonderful and very busy July.   loved -- Our weekend in Maine!   Celebrating my birthday Spending time on the beach (the sunburns not so much) Hearing all about Alec's 3 night/4 day stay at college-- he had so much fun that he was actually sad to say goodbye to everyone and come home with us!  learned -- I have the hardest time with this prompt each and every month. I learn so many things but usually little things that don't seem worthy of mentioning.  I've learned about how our bodies process glucose, I've learned how to snake a kitchen drain, I've learned more about the process of getting a CDL (commercial driver's license), and I've learned a whole lot more about these schools that Alec is interested in attending.  read-- I read another dozen books this month (which I'll be sharing more about on the 8th) and while I enjoyed most

Monthly Musings July 2024: Summer Fashion

 It's the final Thursday of the month and time for Monthly Musings with Patty and Holly.  I know I've been pretty sporadic about joining in this year but I do enjoy these little Q&A type posts. This month we're looking at summer fashions.  1. Favorite summer outfit?  You mean like pick one?! I can't do that.  Here are a few favorite outfits I've worn this past month. I actually have worn this twice this month as it is quite cool since the pants are nearly see through when not on and the shirt has lots of little pin prick holes in the design 2. Favorite summer footwear?  That's easy- flip flops!  I own at least a couple dozen pairs. a new pair of Keen's I bought on vacation I haven't seen the Rafters brand of flip flops in ages so I picked up this cute blue pair and the pink below on our travels this summer These sketchers are another favorite and oh so comfy with a thick cushioned sole 3. Summer accessories I wear on repeat?  In summer I tend to wear