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Cards and Scrapbooking Pages I Made in February

Technically these first three cards were made at the end of January but I didn't get to share them in January's post.  I worked on some fun folds and using a few card sketches I received from a fellow card maker.  I started putting together our Disney trip pages... it's not nearly as fun when there aren't many people in them and we didn't meet any characters to get photos taken with them.   You'll see lots of overlapping photos because I made pages for Evan's, Alec's, and our family album for each day of our trip. I was just so happy to get the whole trip done and now I can start on the Universal Studios pages.  The blank box is for journaling. Linking up with: Fine/Whatever, Weekly link party,   Spread the Kindness, 

All About MY Scrapbooking #2

I started this new series last month based on some questions I've gotten through the years about my scrapbooking.. I have no idea how long I'll keep it going but feel free to ask away if you have any questions you want answered!  How I organize our albums-- By child/ event-- in chronological order.  It started rather accidently that each of the boys ended up with their own scrapbooks.  Ian's books have always been navy blue and since I had nearly 2 full books when Alec was born it seemed weird to add his pages into "Ian's" album.  I started Alec with maroon/red albums. Then when Evan came along I used brown for his (which eventually became black as I could no longer find brown)... I have created a few vacation albums along the way too that are more "family" memories which means that sometimes after our trips I'm creating 4 pages using similar or even the same photos.  Each child ended up with his or her own shelf on our bookshelf too! Which Alb