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Homeschooling Through the Alphabet: T is for Trends

One thing that I have really been noticing, these past few months in particular, is that homeschooling tends to shelter us just a bit from all the trends that I KNOW we'd be exposed to if my kids were in a traditional public school. A trend is defined as whatever is popular. Obviously trends come and go; some in the blink of an eye and some with a bit more staying power. I can't say I have anything for or against trends and many of the bigger trends do find their way into our home, if at a slightly later date than in those homes of my boys' public school peers. I have been noticing that I often don't even know what some of my mom friends are talking about when they refer to certain trends; like when they ask if my boys are into bottle flipping or want a fidget spinner (or whatever is currently popular). We had just been talking about fidget spinners: what they were, how my friends were complaining they were hard to find, what they were originally intended

Love to Learn Hop- Last Week of May

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Welcome to the Love to Learn Blog Hop A collection of educational activities to instill a life long love of learning in our children. Enjoy learning through play, nature, crafts, and many other educational activities. This is a PIN-IT PARTY Your hosts will pin our favorite posts to our Pinterest boards! I encourage you to do the same! and SOCIAL MEDIA HOP! Add all or some of your favorite social media links below the main hop. Please: Follow your Host & Co-hosts We work hard to share all your fantastic content! Click on our badges, or scroll down to the social media link up and follow on your favorite channels. If you leave your link, comment and pin on at least two others. Hosted by Natural Parent Guide & Our Unschooling Journey Through Life Want to be a co-host? email lmastilock(at)gmail(dot)com to co-host a future hop Sponsor Get seen by a wide audience of moms (view Sponsor Page if interested!) The link up is open al

A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar Of Story

I just knew when asked if we'd like to review this product that my boys were going to love it.  This is not a paid advertisement but our honest review of a wonderful new writing program that we have been lucky enough to try out: A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story I knew within moments of reading about this writing curriculum that it sounded so fun and just like something my boys would LOVE! And boy was I right! What is not to love about being taught story making from a band of  talking monkey pirates and their trusty leader (while hunting for magical jelly beans)? Before we even opened up our book the boys were laughing that we were going to be taught the grammar of story by a bunch of pirates that couldn't even talk "right." The book starts out with the beginning of a story that lands the reader right in the middle of the story; literally landing right on a pirate ship.   Next up is a letter written by Captain Yogger LeFossa

A Look Back at All of Our Vacation for the Past 23 Years

I stumbled upon this wonderful blog post by Lindsay's Sweet World  last week and just loved the idea!  With my husband and I celebrating our 16 year anniversary this past weekend I couldn't help but think back over married life (and the 23 years we've been together).  One thing that really stands out for me is all the wonderful vacations we've taken together. It's fun to look back through the photos too. I realize that I was not very good at taking pictures those first few years and we are still quite bad at making sure we are both in any picture together; guess that's a new goal to set for the next 20 years. Once I finished writing this post I was humbled by just how lucky and fortunate we have been.  I honestly had no idea that we had taken as many wonderful vacation as we had!  We truly are blessed to have so many wonderful relaxing times together. Now onto the trips! Old Orchard Beach, Maine-- 1994 & 1995  One my very earliest memories is