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Shenandoah National Park-- 7 & 8

 Friday morning was still pretty cloudy and threatening rain but we decided to head into Shenandoah for one last hike anyway.  We picked a trail that led us out of the park and to two of the cabins that people hiking the Appalachian trail can stay in; it was an easy enough hike but pretty overgrown in places.  We had the whole trail (and both cabins!) to ourselves. It kept getting warmer and cloudier It only took us an hour or so to hike but the other three passengers in the car made it known that they wanted nothing more to do with hiking.  We decided to check out another cavern and headed to Grand Caverns.  Good thing too because it started raining in earnest on our way out and got real foggy too.  I'll admit my first thought was "another cavern; what could be so different from the one we just saw!"... BUT it was really neat and since Grand Caverns is a guided tour we learned a lot about the cavern and the area.  Grand Caverns is the longest continuous cavern tour in th

Shenandoah National Park-- Day 5 & 6

 It was supposed to be another rainy day on Wednesday so we decided to go check out Luray Caverns. They were so large and impressive!  After the caverns we took a quick walk through the toy museum and the car museum then headed out to lunch at a nearby pizzeria.  By then it was raining pretty hard so we headed back to the house and spent the evening watching movies and soaking in the hot tub. Thursday morning dawned with more rain in the forecast but since it was only drizzling out we decided to brave the trails and hike out to Lewis falls; an 81 foot high waterfall and an easy 3 mile loop hike. We took the Lewis falls trail out and picked up the Appalachian trail on the way back to the car We would have had some incredible views if it wasn't so cloudy The rain covered our footsteps and we saw a good 1/2 dozen deer on our walk By the time we were nearing the park exit the rain was coming down in earnest. We were all pretty wet and ready to head back to the house for showers and rel