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Love to Learn Linky-- Enjoying Nature

While we were in Florida we went kayaking down a natural spring.  We often try to find a way to enjoy a bit of nature no matter where we end up on vacation and while I can't say it was my favorite day of vacation (4 hours in a kayak is a looong time to sit!) we did have a really great time.

You can read all about our day at Weeki Wachee Springs by clicking on this link.

While you're here, I hope you'll join us!

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Our Trip Down Weeki Wachee Springs

My husband is a nature guy and he always tries to get us away from the more touristy things in any vacation area and get us out in the great outdoors.  We have explored a couple of natural springs in Florida and on this trip he found us another new place to explore.

We took a 4 hour kayak ride down the river and out near the gulf of Mexico.  We were in tandem kayaks so the kids had no problems keeping up.  They stopped now and then to swim and we saw a real live manatee in the wild!!

Now our pictures of the trip aren't great as I did not want to bring my camera down the spring but I did buy a disposable waterproof camera and tried to make the best of it.

We also watched some fish jumping out of the water working their way up the river.  We saw lots of turtles and birds too.

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Books My Boys Read in October

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to write a post this month about the books my boys had been reading.  We went on vacation in early October and we took two weeks off from school so I figured the list of books would be quite small this month.

My boys surprised me though and actually did a lot of reading!  Here are the books they've been reading:

Footprints in the Snow