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Share 4 Somethings in March 2024

It's nearly the last Saturday of the month and time for Share 4 Somethings with Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness.  This month (as always) we're sharing things we've loved and/or disliked, accomplished, some things we've improved upon and/or that need improvement, and noticed (either in our own lives or around town).   Loved/Disliked: While a bit muddy (and we've had to work around a few rain storms) we've had some really great hikes this month.  And it was even warm enough a time or two for me to wear my flip flops outside. I LOVED that! The extra rain has made for some great waterfalls Accomplished: Oh so much this month! We got Alec's banking account switched over to his own checking account, we got his taxes completed, sent in his college deposit, scheduled his oral surgery consult... I'm sure I did other things too but it's funny that so much of my to do list this month centered on him!  Improved upon/needs improvement: Our roads are s

Monthly Musings for March 2024

It's the last Thursday of the month and time for Monthly Musings with Patty and Holly. This month we're talking about spring fashion.  1.  Usually a pretty blouse, some jeans and flip flops.  2.  I tend to wear a lot of layers in spring-- cardigans, denim jackets, etc. Things that I can wear in the morning and evening when it's cool and then take off mid-day when it warms up. 3. I tend to change up my bag every few weeks depending on what we're doing and where we're going.  But all my bags are Vera Bradley so most of them work real well for spring and summer. I've been using both of these bags a lot lately 4. Any day that is warm,  regardless of the season,  I'll wear my flip flops. I've already worn them a couple of times this year.  Just a few weeks ago I wore them for 2 whole days in a row (before more winter-like weather settled in) 5. I wear the same scent year round as far as perfume goes.... but really only on date night or special occ

What's Up Wednesday; March 2024

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for What's Up Wednesday.  It's been a fun month around here and I feel like March flew right by!  What We're Eating:  I've branched out and started making even more of my meals plant based.. in fact I'm pretty sure I only ate chicken or fish once or twice each this month and no red meat or pork of any kind. I'm having a much harder time cutting dairy out of my diet but have definitely been eating less of it.  A tiny cup of nuts and seeds fills me up for hours! I ate fish once this month paired with a salad and two types of veggie mixes fruit with homemade granola farmer's market pizza from Pizzeria Uno apples with almond butter, cucumbers, and tomatoes veggie stir-fry over wild rice blend tossed salad with chick peas grilled cheese with a side of veggies veggie sir-fry with chick peas and asparagus Assorted root vegetables with quinoa  Assorted vegetables with baked potato sourdough with a