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Monthly Meal Planning Menu #1

We began weekly meal planning a year or two ago and found it really helped us eat a variety of foods, cut back on take out, and save time when grocery shopping. This year I thought I'd give monthly meal planning a try.  I really liked the idea of only tackling this job every 30 or so days and it was pretty easy once I got going. We eat a lot of warm, comfort foods in winter so I tried to make sure we had a different soup, casserole, and hot sandwich meal each week.  I also tried to make sure we were eating a variety of meats and side dishes and that we had a meal each of the boys would eat at least a few times each week. (They're all picky in their own ways so I made sure that I rotated through meals they each liked).   I wanted to wait until the end of the month to post this to see how well we did with sticking to the menu and to see if my plan really worked. Other than two or 3 last minute decisions to get take out or just not eat dinner at all we stuck to the menu really wel

I Spy Saturdays #4

I had a lot of fun with this week's photo prompts and even was inspired to try using my crystal photo ball (for perhaps the 3rd time ever!).     – New ( I tried a new recipe this week-- butternut squash fitters) – Different Angle (I brought along my crystal sphere for a new view of a favorite landscape) – Before & After (our sourdough bread in both the completed bread stage and as dough) – Fruit or Veggie? (I had so much fun photographing pineapples and strawberries this week; ultimately decided to share this pineapple pic) – Backyard  (Winter) – (Standing on the threshold of our back door looking off the deck) Linking Up with: Spread the Kindness , 

Friday Favorites: Goodbye January

 We had a fabulous week and managed to squeeze in a couple of hikes despite some freezing cold temperatures and a few days of snow flurries.  I planned a short day of schooling on Friday for Evan and Ian since we were meeting friends for a hike just before lunch. Alec worked on his schooling but with the marking period winding down he didn't have much going on.  We had beautiful weather for a hike but I was busy talking and only snapped a few quick photos. It was so great to see our friends after such a long break; I don't think we have seen them since my surgery in September!! Once we returned home Alec and I worked on schooling until 2 when his day ends.  We cooked dinner and enjoyed a quiet night at home.   Saturday morning my husband dragged Evan and Ian to work with him while I took Alec to karate.  We made plans to all meet up at Pub 99 for a late lunch.  Alec and I stopped at home so he could shower and then at the library to pick up books before arriving at the restaur