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Monthly Menu: Meal Plan #8

I was so proud of myself that I had managed to mostly stick to our monthly menu planning... until August hit.  I had to reconfigure this month's menu 2/3 of the way through the month when we threw a last minute cook out and had lots of leftovers to use up.  Then a tropical storm blew through and I had to redo it all again trying to come up with meals that wouldn't use our oven or much power for a few days.  We started out this month on vacation so we ate out A LOT and I really tried to make sure the rest of our month was made up of healthier, home cooked meals.  I tried to pack our menu with low and zero point foods from Weight Watchers and I think I pretty much failed at that.  We had so many parties-- for fun, celebrating a birthday, throwing a going away party and with it came an overload of sweets, red meat, and unhealthy dishes. I'm hopeful to do better in September with a better routine and a back to school mindset.  1- 7th We were on vacation and ate out for most din

Books I Read in August

 I read so many great books again this month!  I am really hoping this reading streak continues through the fall.  I read a pretty good variety of genres too though I am still leaning heavily towards light beachy reads as summer has not quite wrapped up here.   1. It's Better This Way by Debbie Macomber-- I loved this heartwarming story! When Julia's marriage ends she is simply crushed but uses her father's saying "it's better this way" to try and make herself feel better.  Six years later when she finally feels ready to take a chance on love once again the road is not easy.  As two divorced adults come together their grown children have major problems with the relationship.  I can't say much more without giving plot points away but Debbie's novels are always filled with relationships, growth, acceptance, and forgiveness.  2. Wish You Were Here by Joanne Tracey- - Maxine Henderson loves her life in Brookford so when her husband tells her he's bee

Photos of the Week: August 28th

Oh boy, did I ever struggle with this week's prompts and feeling at all motivated to take photos.  I find that the weeks we mostly hang around the house are the hardest for me as I am just not motivated to pick up my camera at all.   – Ornate -- This lantern has some ornate panels on it.  – Spicy -- I saw these peppers at the orchard and knew they'd be perfect for spicy! – Roll -- We had a roll- off dumpster delivered one night this week and filled the whole thing in just under 2 hours (I had been prepared with quite a list!). – Muted -- The muted colors of a foggy morning. – Your Choice--  This odd looking flower bud really captured my attention one evening.  Linking up with: