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Weekly Wrap- Up: It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

We had lots of fun decorating for Christmas this week and I think we're pretty much done now.  We tackled a few craft projects and finished up another couple science experiments.  We're doing really well on getting most of schoolwork done each day and I feel pretty good about most every subject.  I'm realizing we need to find a new history topic or two to tackle this year but am waiting for inspiration to strike and I'd like to add in few more field trips over the next couple of weeks but other than that we can't complain at all about our week or our school year so far. Following our yearly tradition we put up the tree and almost all the Christmas decorations on Friday.   I say mostly because I tossed quite a few decorations and wrote up a list of things I am going to look for to replace them with.  As the boys get older I am slowly converting our decorations over from plush and kid friendly to more mature and breakable.  We also used the sunny, dry weather to fina

The Books My Boys Enjoyed Reading this Month

Together my boys managed to read or listen to over 15 books this month!  I'm pretty proud of that.  While Alec has always been a voracious reader, it is only recently that I have found both Evan and Ian enjoying what they are reading.  They have all found series that they enjoy reading and that just warms my heart. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-- At the beginning of the month Evan and I were taking turns reading pages and managed to get a good half-way through the book before he set it aside to read some other books on his own. In this 3rd Harry Potter book Sirous Black is on the loose and it looks like he might be after Harry.  Thank goodness his new defense against the dark arts teacher is so good at teaching the kids defensive spells. The Bronze Key- - Alec really enjoyed book #3 in the Magisterium series and read through it in record time.  Callum, Tamara, and Aaron are being treated as heroes after the demise of their enemy but when a fellow student is m