Art Project #86- Woven CD Garden Decorations

I found some old, bank CD discs and knew right away I wanted to make something fun and colorful with the boys.  I love how the CD's sparkle and thought about breaking them up to make a mosaic.. but we didn't have anything to glue the pieces to.

I looked around on Pinterest and showed the boys the different projects I had found.  Then I let them choose what they'd like to do.  As part of our 100 Days of Art, I am trying to be much more mindful of whether the boys are excited to do the art project or not and I am finding giving them choices helps so much.

Alec and I worked on making a woven garden decoration while Evan just wanted to use sharpie markers to color his disc to look like Captain America's shield.

Evan brought his disc and markers outside.  He found a scrap piece of wood to put under this disc and after a bit of trial and error we decided to use Press and Seal wrap to make a mask for the star in the center of the shield.

We really needed something that would allow him to paint all around it while still keeping the star shape for him.

When he was done we pulled the star mask off to reveal the white star in the middle and then threaded fishing wire through the hole to hang it from.

Alec and I started by tying a knot of yarn around our discs.  We then wrapped the yarn around making sure to keep an odd number of strands.  We used 7 or so and really I wish I had used about 13; it made weaving quite difficult towards the outer edges with the yarn spaced so far apart.

We then knotted a piece of colored yarn (about 12" long) to the back of our CD and brought a length of yarn through the hole in the center to start our weaving; going under and over all the way around a few times.

Once we had quite a few rows around we started adding beads onto our yarn.  Anytime we wanted to change yarn color we just knotting the new color to the end of the old color and kept weaving.  We found the knots ended up getting covered by the weaving and even some of the beads.

We kept weaving and beading until we decided we liked what we had and wanted to stop.

We then added decoration around the outside of the disc using the sharpie markers Evan had brought outside.

Our final step was to tie a small yarn hoop on the top to hang it by and to add a few dangly bead strands to the bottom.  To do this we tied two strands of yarn around the bottom few strands of yarn.  I tied them onto the back to keep them from showing on the front... like this:

Then we threaded some beads onto our strands, knotted the yarn/string to keep them in place and then hung them in the garden... though after a few quick pictures Evan and Alec decided they'd rather hang their garden decorations in their rooms.

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  1. What a great project for the kids! So colorful and fun and I love that they are recycled art as well! Thanks for stopping over!

  2. This is such a great project. I'll do this when my daughter is a little older. Great way to spend some quality time with the kids

  3. Such a fun project for the kids. Pinning.

  4. Great project and looks like a lot of fun. I think that my boys would enjoy this. I can just see them getting very involved. Great crafting:)

  5. What a lovely make. I picked up a collection of cds a while ago but imagine I got rid of them before the children came along. #mg

    1. Yeah, I used to have a huge stack of them and after seeing all the cool crafts we could have made with them I'm kind of bummed I was only able to find 4 after scouting around in all the drawers of our old computer desk.

  6. This is a really cool craft, thank you for sharing it at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

  7. wow what great creative activity, mine would love doing this. Actually my mums garden would be perfect to decorate with these as she lives on land and has lots of big trees. We have only just planted our first trees as we haven't lived here long. Love this idea! #mg

  8. It looks like you had fun making these, and learn't lots too. Fabulous.


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