Art Project #40- How to Draw Books & 10 Benefits to Using Them

My boys use this series for writing called Draw Write Now and we just love that it combines art with writing.  There are so many benefits to drawing and my kids are often reluctant to try having been frustrated with drawings that they didn't like in the past.

Since we've just jumped right into our schoolwork this year we have already pulled out our new Draw Write Now book as well as our older two books.  We also have a Draw and Write Through History book that my boys can choose to work with.  We have found so many wonderful benefits to using these how to draw books to teach drawing.

As they were painstakingly following the drawing directions the other day I was struck by what wonderful lessons they really were!

Usually we are focusing on these books for the writing, spelling, penmanship and punctuation.  I always looked at the drawing as a fun bonus for the hard work of writing but it struck me this week what a great art lesson it was and so we had to include it as part of our 100 Days of Art Challenge!

Evan's turtle (he was even inspired to draw seaweed and water around it!)

Alec's crab 

Ian's Viking Longhouse 

I have found quite a few benefits to using these how to draw books (as well as several others we have lying around).

1. How to to draw books break up drawings down into small steps so it's easy to follow along and see how complex objects are made up of smaller pieces.

2.  By following the directions the kids feel a great sense of accomplishment because they have a finished picture that everyone can recognize.

3.  How to draw books are available in a wide range of subjects so they appeal to most everyone.

4.  The act of drawing builds fine motor skills and many of the steps in the drawing books are quite detailed; requiring students to draw on and hone their fine motor skills.

5.  Using the how to draw books spark creativity. While my kids are learning how to draw specific objects and animals they often color them, add other details or even modify drawings to look like other animals or objects not covered by our books.

6.  How to draw books draw children's attention to details and I find that my kids are learning so much about each subject as they draw them.  With our Draw Write Now & Draw and Write Through History books my boys are also tying all these details and drawings in with the facts they are writing about.  

7.  My boys have learned to pay close attention to the instructions!  I'm hoping one day this will transfer over to paying attention to all instructions but... well... that may be pushing it.

8.  Most of the books require a light hand at drawing with some erasing here and there so my boys learn that drawings rarely come out perfectly on the very first attempt.  There are steps, corrections, and "mistakes" made in everything we do.

9.  These book often teach perspective; you can't draw an animal with all four legs showing at the same time, you can't draw a car with all four tires shown at the same time, etc.  My kids learn how to draw what they see and not what they know about the object.  

10.  Drawing can be FUN! And anyone can draw.  

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  1. My kids have enjoyed various "how to draw" books over the years as well. Thanks for linking this to the Virtual Fridge!


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