Art Project #30: Chalk Pastel Paintings

On Monday we decided to try making some pictures with our chalk pastels.  The boys groaned a bit but once we got going they really seemed to enjoy this project.  I had never mixed oil pastels and tempera paint before but it was neat to watch the colors from the chalk blend in with the paint.  This was a great addition to our 100 Days of Art Challenge.

First we settled on a paper size and then determined which way we wanted to hold our painting.  I told the boys they could do a sunset or an underwater scene.  They all chose to do a sunset.  We drew a dark line with our blue chalk to be horizon and colored everything under the line in shades of blue. We colored in hues of the rainbow above the blue line to make our sunset colors.

Once we had our sea and sky chalked we went over them both using our fingers and white tempera paint.  We had to make sure to only go over one section at a time to keep the colors from bleeding into one another.

As our painted chalk was drying we pulled out some black construction paper and decided what type of scene we wanted to show up on our silhouettes.  Ian decided to make island homes while Evan and Alec both chose to draw a boat.  Alec added a fisherman with a pole & line while Evan added a dock and some tiny fish.

After we drew the outlines of what we wanted, we cut them out carefully and glued them onto our (now dried) backgrounds.

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  1. So pretty! I love all of the art your boys are always doing!!!

  2. Cool, another wonderful art project to try with the kids. Thank you for sharing, added to The Really Crafty Link Party Pinterest board!

  3. Those turned out so well! My daughter loves chalk pastels and just recently got hers out again. Thanks for sharing all of your great project on the Virtual Fridge!


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