Art Project #3: Star Wars Crafts and Fun

I just HAD to come up with some fun Star Wars themed crafts for May the 4th day. 

Seriously, it's treated like a national holiday around our house and knowing that we wanted to keep up with our 100 Days of Art Challenge I knew I needed some fun Star Wars arts and crafts projects.

My sons were just talking about watching the third Star Wars movie last night (Revenge of the Sith) and my husband mentioned that May the 4th was today.

My kids looked to me all excited and with expectant faces and asked what we were doing to celebrate Star Wars day.

I had nothing planned!

So I sat at the computer and started planning.

With a quick trip to the dollar store and the grocery store this morning we were all set to go.

The boys had some fun with some Star Wars mazes, Star Wars word searches, rhyming pages, alphabetizing pages and even a word scramble and a mystery coloring math BB8 page for the older boys.  They found our Star Wars Mad Libs and told me that even though we had just used Mad Libs on Monday they HAD to use them again!  It was Star Wars Day!

But the best parts of our day were all the fun Star Wars crafts we came up with!

We started on all our crafts right after lunch: which was a BB8 pizza!  

We shaped the dough into a circle; added a half circle of dough on top.  Layered sauce and cheese over the whole thing and used pepperoni for BB8's circles.  A slice of tomato or a slice of a sweet orange pepper would work really well too!  We used some olives for his black spots and a half of a meatball for his eye spot.  He sure was yummy!

After lunch we started making Light Saber glow jars.  

We found excellent instructions at Little Bins for Little Hands.  We found VOS water bottles at our grocery store for $1.59 each and knowing that I only needed three bottles plus some glow sticks I thought this was a pretty cheap craft!

  • The boys drank a small portion of the water because they were really curious as to what it would taste like (according to them it tasted just like water). They then added some clear glue to the water.  We used small bottles of clear glue and they each put about 1/3 of the bottle into their water.  
  • They added some liquid watercolors or food coloring until they got the desired color they wanted.
  • They added some clear glitter and then we put the cap back on and shook them up. 
  • We used some duct tape and electrical tape to make light saber type handles and finally added two cracked glow sticks inside.  We kept our bottles open at the end so we can keep changing out glow sticks but I warned the boys to keep them handle side up when they're putting them down somewhere so we don't have to worry about water leaking out everywhere. 
Adding clear glue

Adding coloring 

adding glitter 

Our completed jars 

Once all of their glow jars were done we moved right into making Galaxy Jars. 

We had bought some canning jars at the dollar store (but any jars with screw on lids would work!).  We followed the instructions found at Momdot; and these were also so simple to make!

  • Each boy filled his jar 1/3 of the way with water and added some paint.  We shook up the jars to mix up the water and then they added in some glitter.  
  • We fluffed up some cotton balls and added enough cotton to equal the line of water.  
  • Then they added another 1/3 of water, a new color of paint, and some more glitter.  We, once again filled with fluffed up cotton.
  • The boys finished off the jars with a last bit of water, a third color of paint, some more glitter and enough cotton to reach the lip of the jar.
  • We screwed the lids on nice and tight and cleaned up the jars.  
They just love their jars!

adding glitter 

adding cotton balls 

adding the second layer 

Our completed jars 

We moved onto a fun edible craft next.  

Using some cookies and some frosting the boys created their own droids.  I put out an assortment of cookies and told the boys they could make any kind of droid they wanted; R2D2, BB8, C3PO, anything was fine. 

They really got into them and used candy for buttons and lights too.  

The best part?  Eating them when they were all done, of course!

Getting their cookies 

Assembling his droid 

Alec's completed droid (on a hover board)

Evan's completed droid 

The boys blew up some balloons and spent a fun portion of the afternoon trying to keep their balloons in the air using swords and toy light sabers.  They had me time them to see who could keep their balloon in the air the longest and how long they could keep the game going. 

We ended our day making light sabers out of Loom bands.  

We found this great video to follow and both Alec and Evan sat together and worked on making their own version; I must say that theirs are much more colorful!  

Watching the video; hard at work 

Their completed sabers 

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  1. that droid cookies are sooo cool . We are not really a huge fan of SW but it's fun to see what's really going on on this ..

    1. The boys had such a great time brainstorming up their droids and gobbling them up afterwards. It was a fun idea.

  2. How fun! My son loves Star Wars, I'm sure he'd love making the cookie droids most. Thanks for joining the Family Joy link party!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My boys sure thought those cookie droids were wonderfully fun.

  3. These are all such fun ideas but I think I like the BB8 pizza idea the best!! :)

    1. I was surprised at how easy that was and it was such a hit with the boys.

    2. I was surprised at how easy that was and it was such a hit with the boys.

  4. What fun activities!! I should have been at your house---I could have helped to eat the cookies...LOL

  5. What fun projects! They look like they are really enjoying it. I'm visiting from fanday friday Link party.

    1. It's been a year and they still have them on display in their rooms (Well, not the cookie robots but everything else).

  6. These are SUCH fun craft ideas! I will have to share them with my sister-in-law -- they're crazy about Star Wars over there! #FridayFrivolity


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