Art Project #19: Stained Glass Made Easy Kits

We had a busy day planned yesterday so I told the boys we wouldn't be doing any art.  I figured we had finished up two more projects for our 100 Days of Art Challenge and I wasn't going to worry about skipping a day or trying to add in an art project and make our morning more stressful than it needed to be.

 Imagine my surprise when Evan asked if they could use the Stained Glass Made Easy kits that we had bought last week.

It was the perfect solution.  They still got to be crafty and the kits are easy enough for the boys to all do independently.  These kits were also quick enough for them all to finish in one sitting so they had beautiful stained glass windows to hang up before we headed out for our day.

My middle son got a few of these kits for his birthday and has loved them so much that I think we have a stained glass picture in just about every room of the house!  My other two sons never had a chance to work with these kits though and I could tell that they were interested by the way they always watched Alec and asked all kinds of questions.

The only problem we had was that most of the stained glass kits have "girly" themes (or so my other two boys claim). They didn't want anything with flowers, rainbows, butterflies, or the color pink....  I knew when I found these dragon kits that they would be perfect!  Evan was so excited that I had found yet another dragon craft for him.

The kits come with a clear plastic sheet with a design drawn in black.  Some designs are raised while others are flat. There is also some colorful cording and a suction cup to hang the completed craft in the window.

Like this

To add color to the clear plastic you use the accompanying sheet of stickers.  The best way I can think of to describe the stickers is that they are thick, flexible, see through plastic.  We have found that the kits either have a guide to follow and assemble

Like this kit:
Each sticker has a number guide that you match them up with 

and the frame has a paper with a number guide 
Click here to purchase Safari stained glass kit

Or else the kits some with a sticker set where the stickers already look like the finished piece and then it's just a matter of lining up the picture and working from one corner to the next.

Like this:

You can purchase this Melissa and Doug Dolphin kit here. 

The three kits we worked with yesterday did not have a number guide; they were all the kits that used the pre-assembled stickers so we lined up our outline board with the stickers and then moved the board off to the side.  Peeling up stickers one at a time the boys lined them up with where they go.

Lining up the stickers with the outlines
Peeling off one sticker at a time 

 They always look so nice and colorful hanging in the windows!

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  1. They did such a great job! These are beautiful and it looks like they had so much fun! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

    1. They always come out so nice and my boys loved them.


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