Art Project #4; Watercolor Circles

We opted for an easy exploratory art project yesterday (that also incorporated some math too!).

We made watercolor circles with our compasses 

We pulled out our watercolors, water, brushes, a compass, some tape and some paper and worked on making circles-- LOTS of them!

We had to tape our brushes inside our compasses since they kept falling out and we made sure to wet down all of our paints before we started painting so we would get some nice deep paint colors.

It was actually a lot harder than it looked and we had to experiment with:

  •  pressure on the brush
  • different types of brushes (some dried out too quickly to finish a circle)
  • lining up the compass to keep concentric circles together
  • overlapping circles without smearing them
  • how high/ low to tape the brush in the compass

The best part was when we were cleaning up and Evan told me that while he had not wanted to do this project at all thinking he did not like art he actually had a lot of fun and promised to try all the projects we have planned just in case he discovers he likes those too.  He was not all that sure about our 100 Days of Art Challenge but he's coming around to it after 4 days of fun! 

Alec added a hand drawn spaceship inside his circles

Others in this series:


  1. Wow, that's such a great idea! I need to find our compass! I bet my four year old could do this! She loves crafts and measuring, too. :) Thanks for sharing this post at the Family Joy Linky Party!

  2. What fun! My 4 y.o. had a go with the compass for the first time last week and he was obsessed!

    1. It was rather fun. I think we probably should have tried drawing with pencils and paper with those compasses before diving into painting with them but the boys still enjoyed it and that's all that matters.

  3. You have so many creative ideas here! I love your art series and see several ideas I can use with my grandkids! The boys love Star Wars too and that cookie droid is so cute!
    Your sons are very handsome - it just looks like your schooling option is very fulfilling and successful.


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