Art Project #6; Watercolor Outlines

I had a fun, quick, non- messy art project planned for the boys today.

I'm finding as we get further into this 100 days of art challenge that the only challenge is finding a project the boys are willing to participate in!

Evan is my non- artsy, non- crafter and he's reluctant to try new things.  He is easily frustrated and traditional painting assignments that the older two boys might like he flat our refuses to try.

So far I've been able to coax him into trying our art projects and so far he's been very happy he participated.

Knowing I wanted to do something with watercolors today I looked for a way to make them less intimidating.

I finally settled on using our watercolor pencils.

The watercolor pencils are so much easier for students to control!

Today we used cookie cutters and traced around the object.  The idea was to pick one object and do repeated outlines of the shape over and over and over until the page was filled with that one shape; but my boys do like to get creative once the projects start and today they wanted to use many cookie cutters.

Never one to deter their creativity I encouraged them to make their paintings their own.

Once they had all the objects drawn the way they wanted them, they each used a cup of water and a small brush to trace over their lines.

The water activates the watercolor pencils but the colors don't mix and run together nearly as much as trying to color with watercolor paints.

Each of the boys loved how their project came out!  

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  1. Kudos, Mother of 3 :) Keep on keepin' on with your journey to 100 days!!!

  2. You are so creative- always finding ways to stretch minds.

  3. Goodness me 100 days of art, that would be a challenge for me. I like the look of this though, I would never of thought of it (probably why I 'd be useless at the challenge)but it looks like a simple art task that the kids would still got lots of enjoyment out of. Good luck with the rest of the challenge. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun


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