Art Project #34: Tissue Paper Transfer

In continuing with our 100 Days of Art Challenge we tried a new art project last week that we dubbed tissue paper transfer.

Using special bleeding tissue art paper that we found on Amazon, some water, and blank canvases we made pictures.

We cut the paper in shapes and various sizes and the boys used water to adhere the tissue paper onto canvas.

Once they had a design they liked they let it dry in the sun and then we brushed off the tissue paper. Most of the paper flaked off as it dried and we had to go around picking up pieces of paper but that's OK.  We kind of expected that.

What we did not expect that the bleeding from the tissue paper would dry so lightly.  The boys were bummed to see their dark pictures so faded and indistinct.

We decided we'd use the bleeding tissue paper again another day for a fun canvas project but this time use watered down school glue so that the paper would remain on the canvas for a darker picture this time.

All in all it was neat to see the paper bleeding out and watch the new colors forming on the canvas.  We'll definitely be using these papers for more projects.

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