Art Project #32: Drip Painted Pots

We had the most fun making these painted pots!  My mother in law has been hinting that all of the arts and crafts projects the boys have been making would make great gifts (mainly for her)... and taking the hint I just knew they needed to make her something special for her birthday.

Over the weekend I had  bought some plain terracotta pots and some small plants to put inside them.

In keeping with our 100 Days of Art Challenge I had a few different ideas for how we could decorate these pots.  I left it up to the boys.

They all deciding that splatter/ drip painting sounded the most fun and the easiest!

We set them up on the lawn and they each grabbed three to four bottles of mutli- surface acrylic paints.  Evan and Alec decided to stand their pots up on the lawn and drip paint from the bottom of the pot to the tip. Ian decided to lay his pot on it's side and drip the paint across.

Both ways worked great and looked so neat!

The kids just squeezed the bottles and while it made a bit of a mess on the lawn; they had a ball watching the colors drip and mix.

We left them in the sun to dry and then filled them with potting soil and our new plants.  My mother in law LOVED her gift!  Aren't they just darling?

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  1. looks like a great idea for the kids. Love the dripping effect..

    1. They had a ball; don't all kids enjoy making pretty messes?!

  2. Oh yes they are darling! I love how easy it is. Even us non artists can do it!


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