Art Project #47: Shimmering Bat Silhouettes

I was feeling pretty guilty that we hadn't done any decorating for fall or Halloween.  My boys didn't want to carve pumpkins and while they were open to idea of painting pumpkins, I never got around to buying any.

I saw a cute bat painting project on-line and thought my boys would enjoy this quick, Halloween themed craft.

It was perfect for our 100 Days of Art Challenge and so much fun!

I printed out some bat templates, cut 2-3 bats per person and put a few small pieces of rolled painters tape on the back.

I had the boys arrange their bats however they'd like and then set about setting up paints and brushes.  I asked them each to pick a few colors to paint with and got everything all set up.

I reminded them to use the bats like a stencil and work from the inside outward (since I did not and found that paint leaked under the paper bats).

They gradually filled paint in along the whole background and we gently peeled the bats off of the black paper.   We set them aside to dry and then admired our bats flying off into the night sky (or sunset).

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  1. Neat project! Thanks for sharing this idea on the Virtual Fridge!

    1. Thanks. I find my kids are happiest playing in paint.

  2. What a fun project!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is really cool! & so easy to do! I will try this with E&E too! Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

    1. I hope they like it! We love easy art projects. :)

  4. Ah lovely! I will be putting this on the list for next halloween, or if im feeling up to it we may attempt it tomorrow :) #fabfridaypost


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