Art Day #44: The Wee Little Fairies!

We had a fun field trip to a local art museum yesterday with a few of our friends to check out the fairy village.  There were 32 houses all themed around a different county or landmark and many were made by local schools and organizations.

It was very, very crowded since it was such a beautiful day and a school holiday but we still had a great time and enjoyed searching for the special hidden item inside each tiny fairy village.

It fit in so perfectly with our 100 Days of Art!

Before starting out we stopped to admire this living sculpture!  

We visited Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris complete with gargoyles.  

From there we headed to the Netherlands 

These darling windmills were made by elementary school students

Many of them included such details!  Like the wooden shoe maker we were looking for

From the Netherlands we headed to Ireland 

Did you notice the orange lanterns?

My boys loved the viking settlement; complete with ships, rafts,and a housing village!

Big Ben was a huge hit with the kids; there were so many references to England too!
A mini door to Narnia, the Tardis, The Beatles, Peter Pan; the details just went on and on!

We visited the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt 

Explored Mesa Verde Colorado. 

Visited Stonehenge

Found Archimedes' screw in Babylon 

Looked for a bear in Germany 

We visited Loch Ness, Scotland

Then flew to India 

Checked out the Hawaiian Village 

Complete with hammocks and ukulele! 

This adorable table with chairs made out of leaves!  Was part of Turkey

There were even miniature hot air balloons! 

This ode to Denmark was amazing! It was cut out of waterproof paper!! 

Look at the details! 

Next we went to Pisa, Italy

Again the details were just amazing; like this fountain made out of shells!

Alec loved the Shinto Shrine in Japan

The Carpathian Mountains reminded us of an old gypsy camp

Check out their well and swing. 

Ian's favorite was the gold mining town of the Sierra Nevada Foothills in California 

Look inside the cantina; I can only imaging the time it took to make. 

We visited Paris and saw the "Eyeful" tower 
Machy Picchu, Peru

Back to Norway; this time we got to see a Stave Church (those helmets all around
are made out of acorns!)

They had such cute wings set up for pictures all around the village 

Beijing, China! 

Rome, Italy 

Complete with bottle of wine on the table 

Our last stop was Alberobello, Italy 

Our other art projects:
Project 1: Painting with Hexbugs
Project 2: Tissue paper flowers
Project 3: Star Wars Crafts
Project 4: Watercolor compass circles
Project 5: Floral pens
Project 6: Watercolor outlines
Project 7: Scratch art jellyfish
Project 8: Oil pastel flowers
Project 9: Fingerprint dandelions 
Project 10: Beaded Sun Catchers
Project 11: Bird Crafts and Snacks
Project 12: Color Mixing Butterflies
Project 13: Water Gun Art 
Project 14: Using Watercolor Kits
Project 15: Dragonfly Silhouette Paintings 
Project 16: Painting Pet Rocks
Project 17: Spray Paint Resist 
Project 18: Water Bottle Windsock 
Project 19: Stained Glass Kits 
Project 20: Tin Can Windsock
Project 21: Firework Glue Art
Project 22: Qixel Art
Project 23: Makit Bakit Kits 
Project 24: Wood Burning Project 
Project 25: Making Our Own Raft
Project 26: Spray Painted Canvas
Project 27: Paper Bowl Jellyfish 
Project 28: Tin Foil Art
Proejct 29: Oil Pastel Bubbles
Project 30: Chalk Pastel Paintings 
Project 31: Washi Tape Votive Holders
Project 32: Drip Painted Pots
Project 33: Sun Art 
Project 34: Tissue Paper Transfer
Project 35: Stained Glass Class
Project 36: Visiting the Art Museum 
Project 37: Taking an Art Class
Project 38: Making Minecraft T-shirts
Project 40: How to Draw Books
Project 41: Wax Resist Watercolors
Project 42: Splatter Paint on Canvas
Project 43: Fine Line Fall Leaves Drawings


  1. What a neat place! I love things like this - especially the windmills that were made by students. So cool! Have a great week!

    1. It was so neat! I was amazed at all the details.

  2. I want to go on this field trip! Such detailed little things.

    1. It was amazing! I could not get over the details.

  3. That was so much fun! :) oh my... sharing this just so all my dutch family can see that netherlands fairy village. That was simply adorable. :)

  4. Oh, I really want to visit this place :) I wanted to tell you my favorite, but I loved so many of these :) Thank you so much for sharing this trip at Together on Tuesdays!!!

    1. I couldn't pick a favorite either!... though as a paper crafter I was blown away by the paper one.

  5. How neat! Thanks for sharing at FTF!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It was a very neat field trip.

  6. This is so neat! I love all the fine details throughout each area in the fairy village. I wish I could find something like this by me!

    1. The details always blow me away! They are so tiny and I am always amazed at what these artists think to include too. We didn't make it back there this year and I'm kind of bummed but I know my boys don't enjoy it nearly as much as I do.


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