Art Project #78-- Painted Pandas

I was missing the actual act of putting paint on canvas; something that has always relaxed me.  So I asked the boys who else would like to paint?!

Alec and Evan joined me in painting some adorable little panda bears.

It was such a fun, quick and easy painting and perfect for our 100 Days of Art Challenge!

We first started by painting the entire canvas white.

Then we drew where we'd like to paint the black: the top two corners for his ears, two large and rather bumpy ovals for the eye masks, a nose and curvy mouth, and a save along the bottom for where his body meets his head.

We began painting the black spaces in:

Once all the black was dry we added some white dots for the eyes; Alec and I used a thin paintbrush to paint the white in a circle leaving the black showing int he middle but Evan painted a solid white circle and then once dry dotted the black center on top.  That was just easier for him since he doesn't have as good control of the paint brush yet.

Alec decided his panda was missing pink in his ears and so he added just a bit of pink at the corners. 

It was such a fun project and both boys found it easy enough to follow along.

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  1. We are learning about Pandas right now so we might just have to do this here!

  2. My daughter loves Pandas. I have to share this with her. I see us making one in our future. Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG

    1. I hope you enjoy! We had so much fun and were so surprised at how easy they were to make.

  3. I love pandas! I am impressed by your amazing collection of art projects. Thanks for sharing at My Busy Beehives #beeparty!

  4. Those are adorable! I wish I had been exposed to more painting as a child. What a fun project. I love the little faces :) Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg

  5. What fun! They came out beautifully- maybe I should have my kid try it too!


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