Art Project #69-- Playing a Go Fish Art Game

Building on our artist study and all of our field trips to the museum we decided another fun way to learn about art would be to play some fun art games!

During our 100 Days of Art Challenge I've been exploring each and every way we can cover art in our homeschool; trying to include some form of art in our day at least once a week.  Most weeks we like to get messy and break out arts and crafts materials but there are days and weeks when we just don't have the time for messy.  However, that does not mean we can't add a day of art!

We bought a fun Van Gogh and Friends Go Fish for Art Cards game and had a fun and quick morning playing go fish while learning about some famous works of art by Vincent Van Gogh, George Surat, Paul Gauguin, and more.

As you can see the cards are quite large; they have a bit of information about each artist and a few of their works of art. 

I was surprised to have to teach my boys how to play go fish!  They, of course, caught on quickly and actually had a great time playing!  We ended up playing three different games.  Then they pulled out traditional playing cards and wanted to play a few regular games of go fish too. 

Such a fun and easy way to add some art into our day!

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  1. This is the best idea! I love this list- so many fun things to try!

  2. We just visited Pablo Neruda (a famous poet from Chile) home/museum and it was so fascinating to know about his life and a to take peek into chile's history.

    I can learn something from these cards too!

  3. What a fun way to teach kids about art. Great idea!

  4. What a great game, with so many ways you could use it! Thanks for sharing it with us on the Virtual Fridge!

    1. It was fun and we're on the lookout for more art games.

  5. What a great way to teach about art!


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