Art Project # 48 ; Beginner Photography

I have always encouraged my boys to take pictures.  They have each owned inexpensive digital cameras from the time they were in preschool or Kindergarten.  We used to buy disposable cameras for them to use on vacation and I always enjoyed looking through their photos to see what they deemed important.

Often what they deemed important made me laugh; like when we had a nice photo of a seat belt or someone's eye.  But they were learning and it has been so fun to see their photography progress.

In the last couple of years I've noticed their photography is only limited due to the equipment they're using.  Their cameras often take pixelated photos and they can't zoom in quite like they'd like to.

Often my boys take photos of animals, toys, Lego creations, and construction equipment.  I know that photography, if done right, is an art form.  So as part of our 100 Days of Art Challenge I've been trying to get out with the boys a few times a month, all of us armed with our cameras, with the intent of taking pictures.

A photo Alec took during our lessons

I know that like painting or drawing, one of the best ways to develop their photography skills is to encourage them to practice.

Since they don't have the best cameras I do allow them to take turns using my camera when they'd like and we are all enjoying our times together.

When I see them taking pictures I encourage them to think about getting down low right on level with their subject, or play around with ants eye view and look up, we've talked about birds eye view and getting up close with our subject too.

The lessons are really starting to pay off!

Here are some of their photos:

Alec's photos:

Evan's Photos: 
Evan named this one "The rare, illusive Pikachu in it's natural habitat"

I even stumbled along these old photos of Evan's from four years go (he would have been 5!)... and I was so impressed with them. 

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  1. practice makes perfect as they say. I'm always inspired by monthly photo prompts. #mg

    1. That's what they say! We'll definitely keep at it. I have used a few monthly photo prompts myself and think maybe I'll give them one for Dec.

  2. They came up with some great images - interesting and well-composed! Your comment about the close-ups of seatbelts etc when they were little reminded me of my daughter - when she was little, every time she got hold of my camera she would fill it up with photos of her feet. LOL

    1. Yes! Their feet. I found a few licence plate ones... even on our trip to Disney they photographed things like the wheels on the bus or the leaves in the trees. It always made me laugh.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Definitely makes me wish I had a better camera. - Lori
    visiting from The Virtual Refrigerator linkup

    1. I was so impressed and I do think the camera makes all the difference. I finally invested in a good one last year and am amazed at how far my photography has come.... even if I have not yet figured out most of the functions on mine.

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  5. wow seriously these are fabulous photos! My daughter April who is my now 9 year old has always been our most fascinated with photography and is also the most keen to be in front of the camera too. She is also our most musical child. I have to say that photo of "The rare, illusive Pikachu in it's natural habitat" is brilliant and just made me smile so much! I can not get my son Adam out of his Pikachu suit, if I homeschooled he would live in it!!!!! #mg

    1. Thank you! I busted out laughing when my son came up with that caption. The moment he snapped the photo he looked at me and said I know what I'm calling this one!

  6. I am just popping back to tell you that i just shows Adam my 7 year old the photo Evan took of Pikachu he was so impressed and couldn't believe someone has the same outfit as him!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see how much they develop this new skill.

  8. Those are some gorgeous photos! Maybe you and your sons need to come teach me a few things! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was just stunned at some of these photos. They've quite the talent.


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