Art Project #51: Making Homemade Cards

The younger boys had been asking if they could make cards.  I had no arts and crafts projects planned for our 100 Days of Art so I said sure!

My craft room isn't that large though so I told them they would have to work one at a time.  

Evan wanted to go first and he wanted to make a card that used my Cricut.  The boys just love watching my Cricut at work!

Evan decided to make two cards; one for each of his brothers.  He also decided they were going to Christmas cards.  We started with the card base.  He chose red for them both.  

We folded the cards and then he picked a polar bear for the front of Ian's card and a penguin for Alec's card.  We cut them both out of white. We cut a second penguin out of black so we could add more detail. 

We added glitter and dimension to each cut out too. 

Adding details to the penguin; isn't he darling?!

Using the tape runner to put the card all together. 
Then Alec got his turn in the craft room.  He decided to make a card that combined rubber stamps and my Cricut.  He cut out a branch and an owl using brown cardstock then decided to use one of my punches to make a moon.  He filled in the whole background with a star stamp.

Stamping away 
Their completed cards:

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  1. Oh my word the glitter! so pretty!!

    1. I am a sucker for glitter! I can not resist and so I was thrilled to add a bit of shine to his cards with him.

  2. Handmade cards aer the best. You're brave to bring out the glitter! They turned out great

    1. They are actually neater with the glitter than I am! I am usually covered.

  3. You've all been busy!! I love handmade cards - never heard of a Cricut.

    1. Oh we just love our cricut! It's an automated die cut machine and it works wonderful for cutting out all sorts of wonderful shapes and embellishments.

  4. Beautiful! We'll be making some cards this week too, to send back home :)

    1. Aw, I bet they'll be well received. I love getting non-bill mail.


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