Art Project #50; Making Cat Faces

Evan and Alec were thrilled with the idea of drawing and painting cat faces.  It was a crafting project I had looked at on Pinterest right around Halloween but just never got around to.  Turns out that was OK since the boys wanted white and tan cats anyway!

I love when we find a project for our 100 Days of Art Challenge that they're actually excited about.

My two just love animals and cats especially so this was right up their alley!

We started by drawing some pointed ovals on our paper.  Right in the middle of the page.  Once we had our ovals we drew in a circle with a large pointy oval inside for the pupil. 

Next we drew two straight lines down from the eyes and connected them with a "hill."  to draw the bottom of the nose we made little wavy "m"s.  Once we had our nose done the way we liked we drew a line straight down from the middle of the nose and ended it in an upside down "v" to make the cat's mouth.  Then we drew on some whiskers complete with spots.  Alec and I also drew a few little squiggly lines above the eyes for eyebrows but Evan chose not to.  

Once our drawings were done we traced over everything with Sharpie markers. 

We colored the cat's eyes in with crayon; even the whites of the eyes.  We colored the cat's nose pink with crayon.  We pressed down nice and hard making sure to fill in all of the areas.  This works as a resist when painting the cat's fur.

Evan wanted his cat to have two different colored eyes.
  Once we had our cats all drawn and colored in we talked about painting them.  Alec really wanted to keep his cat all white since he likes white cats but Evan wanted to paint his an orange- brown like the cat next door.

We pulled out all of our watercolor paints and found a light tan color that he liked. We wet the paint down and used a nice large brush to quickly brush paint over the whole paper.

Our completed cats:

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  1. I like those cats! :) Visiting from virtual fridge

  2. Those are great - love the way the different cat personalities come out!

  3. Your sons did a great job! I'm such a horrible artist that my stick figures are so sick looking that they would need to be taken to the hospital! Thanks so much for sharing at our Party in Your PJs link party.

    1. LOL! That is funny. Thanks for stopping by and for making me laugh.


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