Art Project 52: Learning the Art of Zentangle

We were looking for some quick and low- mess crafts for Thanksgiving.  I stumbled upon a blog or two that taught the art of Zentangle and thought that if we started with a Thanksgiving themed picture we could have a lot of fun.

As part of our 100 Days of Challenge, I'm trying to be intentional about exposing my boys to all different forms of art.  Zentangle is pretty big right now and it's actually quite easy.  Easy enough that all three of my boys were able to complete our project in just under 30 minutes.

What is Zentangle?  You can read more about it at but my understanding is that the focus in Zentangle isn't so much in the art that is created as in finding peace through art.  Hence the Zen!

Using repeated and simple patterns made up of lines and dots you fill in spaces until you have a pattern that looks pleasing to the eye.  There are no mistakes; in fact you are never supposed to use an eraser and that is why most Zentangle creations are made with black ink.

For our project we chose to use colored gel pens and printed out a blank turkey coloring page that I found at Activity Village.

I started my turkey the night before to give them a visual of what we were looking to do. I showed them a few sights and explained what Zentangle was.  We looked at a few different patterns on Pinterest and then I set them loose.

Evan told me several times he loved that he didn't have to worry about making a mistake since there were no mistakes!

My completed turkey 

Alec's completed turkey

He sure looks relaxed.

Evan's turkey 

Ian's turkey 
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  1. I love 100 days of art!
    The boys did a terrific job!

  2. Awesome collection here, thank you for sharing. I love that you showed the end results :)

  3. All those turkeys turned out great! Thanks for sharing on the Virtual Fridge. (I like your son's statement about there not being any mistakes. Great attitude!)

    1. I thought so too; I wish he'd apply that to all of his artwork.

  4. Beautiful! and Creative :) Everyone's Turkeys turned out great. We are going to have to give this a try.
    I'm so glad you stopped in to share this week at our Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop - it's giving me ideas for upcoming holidays and events!

    1. Great! So glad I could help. We just did a similar project yesterday at Co-op and the kids loved it.


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