Art Project #73-- Solid Tempera Paint Drawings

We had gotten a box of Kwik Stix which are solid tempera paint sticks a few months ago, but had not gotten around to using them.  I have found through doing this 100 Days of Art Challenge that it is not always easy coming up with new and fun ideas.

We pulled them out the other day and the boys had a great time making up some pictures using these fun new art supplies.

I find that nothing brings out their creativity quite like new art supplies!

It's been so long since I have just put out supplies and let them use their own creativity.  They dove right in.  The paint sticks were easy to work with and were not at all messy!

Gwen Tennyson being chased by DNAliens on Ben 10

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  1. These look like fun. I'm curious if you think they'd be a cleaner option for younger kiddos?

    1. Definitely cleaner than liquid tempera paints. They washed easily off too; not that my boys really got them on anything other than our table but one wipe and it was gone.


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