Art Project #88- Art Lessons with Art Academy

My middle son got a wonderful game for his Nintendo DS called Art Academy and he has really been using it a lot lately.

I asked him to sit down with me and show me how it works and what he's been doing on it.  I had no idea what a wonderful program it was and knew I just had to share it with my readers for our 100 Days of Art Challenge. (NO this is not a sponsored post!)

There are a variety of lesson; most of which are step by step.  So far Alec has been learning how to draw using a grid, add shading, the different uses for the different brushes, about the primary colors when "painting," and even about famous painters and how they influenced the art world!

Once one lesson has been followed through to the end a follow up lesson is available for them to practice the skills they were taught without having step by step instructions.

They can save all of their masterpieces to a virtual gallery and add virtual frames to them.

Some of his completed and saved lessons:

The top one shows what he was supposed to be drawing and his drawing is on the bottom.

He then brought me through an entire lesson as he worked through a new one:

Working on shading

His completed painting 
I was really impressed with the game and just love that he is learning so much while playing.

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