Art Project #94; Multimedia Ocean Paintings

Looking for a fun and simple art project I asked the boys to pick a marine animal for us to draw.

I then gave them a few options;

  1. we could paint the background and draw our animals in chalk pastels on top
  2. we could color the animals in using oil pastels and then do a wash of watercolors over the top
  3. we could outline our drawings in colored school glue and then paint them in to look like stained glass.
They all chose option number two and so we brought our supplies and settled down to work.   We used watercolor paper, pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and salt. 

Our first step was to draw out our animals on watercolor paper.  Ian chose a humpback whale, Evan chose a dolphin, Alec wanted to draw an orca whale and I decided on a sea turtle. 

Once we had our animals drawn, we colored them in using oil pastels.  Mine took the most time using multiple colors to get all of the shading and colors on my sea turtle.  The boys all just needed black,white and gray. 

Once they had their animals colored in they added a wash of watercolors over them.  We also sprinkled some sea salt onto the wet paint to leave behind an interesting texture. 

We set them aside to dry and then brushed the salt off using a paper towel.

See the texture the salt leaves behind? 

It was another fun 100 Days of Art project.  

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