Art Project #99-- Metal Stamping

I bought these metal stamps almost a year ago and while I have been dying to try this craft with the boys I had not been having any luck finding blank metal pieces for them to try stamping on.  I knew it would be a great craft for us all to learn together as part of our 100 Days of Art Challenge.

Honestly, why it took me so long to realize my husband could make us some I am just not sure.

Last weekend we were at his shop cutting out a piece of metal when I thought to ask him.  Within minutes he had almost a dozen bookmarks all cut out for us; many we didn't bother to round the edges or sand since we planned to use them as practice pieces.

I carted them outside along with a hammer, our metal stamps, a black sharpie, duct tape, and a damp paper towel.

The boys practiced stamping on our scrap pieces and decided on what they wanted to put on the front of their bookmarks.

I offered to hold the stamps in place while they hammered; Evan asked for help and he stamped his bookmark with Halo 5 (since that is his newest video game obsession and it was a nice short word).

Ian wanted to do his on his own.  He stamped I hate books onto his bookmark.  He tried taping the letters together to form words but we found even then it was tricky to keep them straight.

We then colored all the letters with black sharpie and wiped the excess off with the damp towel.

The bookmarks before the ink 

Adding ink 

Evan's completed bookmark once we wiped away the excess ink 
Alec wandered over last and decided to stamp the word Pokemon down his bookmark and since I had been making myself some monogrammed charms for my charm bracelet he asked if he could use a few and stamp the letters to spell Eevee his favorite Pokemon.

My husband drilled holes in the bookmarks and we added some ribbons; treading Alec's charms through the ribbon first.

The boys are quite proud of their bookmarks and I have to admit that I was impressed as well.

 I tried making my own bookmark and it was so hard to get a consistent impression or keep the letters in a straight line that I threw mine away by the time I reached the second word! Just look at the pile of scraps!

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  1. That is such a fun idea. And the possibilities for this project are endless. Especially with rustic and industrial being so trendy right now.

    1. We saw so many neat ideas from garden stakes to drink stirrers too.

  2. The 'I hate books' for a bookmark is really making me chuckle! Bless 'em!
    Would tape help with keeping things straight? Just in case you ever decide to have another go!

    1. That definitely made me chuckle as well! I think if we had put tape across the bookmark as a guide line and stamped each letter individually that would have worked a lot better than trying to tape the letters together.

  3. The bookmarks look great, your boys should be proud. The "I hate books" is something I'm betting my 10 year old would pick too...
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  4. What a fun activity! I love that the kids had fun with it too!


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