100 Days of Science Challenge

Now that our 100 Days of Art Challenge is behind us I was thinking it might be the perfect time to tackle a 100 Days of Science challenge.

It's funny because while I swore I would never do 100 days of any sort of challenge again I am finding myself missing having a huge goal to strive towards!

While my boys and I love science and science experiments it's been a while since we have focused on science and I have so many ideas to make this a fun unit for the next possible year or so.

I loved how our art challenge really pushed me to add art to our lives more often and really forced us to focus on ALL the ways we could cover art.  I'm hoping our 100 Days of Science Challenge will do the same thing for our science coverage.

I am great about studying nature with the boys and occasionally performing some science experiments with them but I know that there are so many more ways that we can (and probably do!) experience science

Things like:

1.  Reading Science magazines; ranger rick & national geographic kids
2.  Using our Microscope
3.  Watching science and nature movies on Netflix and YouTube
4. Going on a Hike/nature walk
5. Taking field trips to Science museums and nature centers
6.  Playing with our Snap circuits and science kits
7.  Kitchen science and baking
8. Dissecting seeds

Just to name a few.  I can not wait to see what else we come up with!

I am looking forward to how many different ways we can study science in the next few months!  Because while I realize this is a 100 Day Challenge I realize that we would never do science each and every day for a couple of months straight!

Allowing our challenge to play out over the course of a few months (or even a year) allows us more freedom to homeschool the way we are accustomed to; relaxing and fun.

I hope you'll enjoy following along with this series.  I will be linking up each science project here as I post them.

Our Projects:

1.  Testing out Bernoulli's Principle

2.  Field Trip to the Ecotarium

3. Air Molecule Experiment

4.  Baking and Kitchen Science

15. & 16.  Snow Experiments

23.  Springfield Science Museum Trip

47. & 48.  Building Model Molecules 2 Ways

49.  Kitchen Chemistry

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  1. Great collection of resources and suggestions for home school parents,

  2. Oooh! This should be fun! My daughter is much younger than your boys, but she loves doing science experiments. Can't wait to get some ideas for the future! :)

    1. I hope we come up with some real fun ones for you to try together.

  3. Science seems so much more interesting for children these days. I was never very good at Science at school as it was a bit 'dry'. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at #BloggersPitStop

    1. I was lucky enough to have some great teachers who were extremely passionate about science so I always enjoyed it. I find the key to science is to keep it as hands on as possible with lots of experiments and field trips. But there is definitely a focus on science that is making it quite popular nowadays.

  4. Where are the other 60? or did it take 100 days to do 39? I'd like to use this list & take the challenge.

    1. We are still making our way through to 100; it took us much longer than 100 days! LOL.

  5. I really like your 100 days collections!


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