100 Days of Science #34- More Microscope Fun

My boys and I just love digging out the microscope and examining all the things we see around us from a whole new perspective.   In fact we once brainstormed a list of a 100 different things we could look at under our microscope

One day a few weeks ago we found some humming bird feathers, dragonfly wings, and while we had our slides and microscope out we also decided to look at the leaves on our tomato plant; both alive and dead ones.

We had such a great time!

We began by preparing some of the slides.  We took a dropper of water and placed a large drop of water on each slide then laid down the feather, wing, or leaf and added the cover slip on top.

Then we slid them into place on at a time and tried out all the different settings; moving the slides around to see all the details.

Sorry the photos are kind of blurry but I was using my camera to take pictures down the eyepiece.

hummingbird feather

healthy tomato plant leaf; it appeared to shimmer under the scope!

The dead leaf 

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  1. What microscope is that? My son has one but I think he needs something a little better than what he has.


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